A Flawless Whiteness Italian Attic

We have to recognise that we have special weakness by combining wood and white. It is all natural and inspires us tranquility, therefore this Italian attic of flawless whiteness It has called us powerfully the attention immediately.

But we are not going to deceive, white-painted wooden mansard roof has been completed convince us to further investigate and scrutinize the details of all the rooms in this beautiful and bright penthouse.

No doubt the dining room is more striking and luminous throughout the home – stay not in vain it has windows everywhere, even on the ceiling-, highlighting the great lamas of wood flooring, that it contrasts incredibly well furnished that, almost in its entirety, is completely white.

However it has small details that give a touch of color, and they are grateful, because if it could not reach result somewhat monotonous and stressful – or not, we know that there are tastes porque si no podría llegar a resultar un tanto monótono y agobiante-o no, ya sabemos que hay gustos como as colors-. As, for example, the Globes, a nice decorative appeal that have led to the extreme, placing no less than eleven.

The following stay which we have fallen in love with has been the kitchen. Certain that it is rather small, but it seems to have sufficient workspace, as well as an impressive kitchen gas four horizontal stove – undoubtedly the best for cooking-. The mythical Smeg refrigerator also fulfils perfectly its decorative role, although technologically enough leave to be desired. In short, a functional and bright kitchen.

One detail that caught us attention is the fact of not having Extractor hood. To be the kitchen in the living room, anything to cook permeate throughout the House smell, which may be indicative of that is not cooked too. If so, having those great fires, we would disappoint quite.

The bedroom is also quite indicative of the taste of the owners by mapping, since a gigantic map of Italy presides over the bed. Moreover, a single room that continues with the combination of hardwood floors and walls and white ceiling that we have seen in the rest of the House.

It is in the bathroom where has given it a total twist to decoration, empapelando walls with a hypnotic black and white stripes. In our opinion, it would have been better to keep the overall style of the House, leaving the white walls and following with the quiet atmosphere of the other rooms.

In short, a dwelling that has left us with very good taste, that have been able to provide spaciousness and luminosity stays making use of white, and in that atmosphere is a quiet but, at the same time, creative. This is perhaps because of the use of small – but symbolic – details sprinkled throughout the House.