A DIY for Bicycle Storage in an Orderly Manner

It have a bicycle to get around in the city, or going out to practice some sport weekends is fine. But in the end, bike clogs at home a lot because always it is circling in the Gallery, in the garden or in the garage.

For this reason, never it is worth having a place fixed where to leave it, especially when there are more than one bike and parking them in house already is a question of priorities and space. So today we’re going to see a simple DIY to prepare a practical bike stands, in which also the helmets and other accessories can be saved to avoid be pulled anywhere.

We will begin this DIY Drawing template of wooden slats for casting and for the various brackets of bicycles. Remember that this bike stands can also be used for Park skateboards, tricycles, etc..

Once drawn, is the moment of cut the strips of wood with a jig saw. The next step will be to assemble the frame.

To do so, according to the building floor plan, join the four long transverse slats for the back and base, two vertical side slats and two side slats of the base, drilling holes with the help of a screwdriver drill the different pieces together.

In cross Batten on the back and on the front rail of the base you will have that fix eight mountain cleats with an angle of 45 degrees. These strips are those who allow us to properly Park the bicycles. Remember that before screwing them, it is necessary to make previous drillings using a screwdriver/drill.

Once bolted, the next step is to seal the screw with a hole universal PuTTY suitable for wood, then sanded with a multilijadora.

Finally, only we have paint the bike stands chosen to help of a fine spray gun, color and drive several nails to hang helmets, knee pads, gloves, or accessories used to go out with bicycles or skates.