A House of Simple Shape and Color Contrasts in Israel

Today we bring you another of These houses as well decorated, with so much charm and that we both like to see. Housing It is located in Israel and the building has a simple form, What makes the interior even more surprising. Has two floors, the ground floor is not divided and it shared space lounge, dining room and kitchen.

Already on the first floor we find the bedrooms and bathroom. What is most striking is that the House on the outside looks pretty serious and if we do not take into account the porch, it is even somewhat mustia and grey, however the interior is full of life and color. An example more than that to get a nice space with needless complications, just have good taste.

We started our tour by the ground floor which communicates with the outside by several places. At the bottom of the image we can see the area of living room decorated in light tones and with very modern design furniture. Tube visible on the ceiling gives an industrial touch to the whole and green fluorine in the kitchen puts more cheerful note to this place.

In this another view of the ground floor we can see the kitchen and dining room from another angle. The surface is broad enough so that together with the room they can share space, the three environments without overlap. The furniture chosen is of smooth forms and has been chosen mainly by base units, so the space is very light and comfortable.

The walls and ceiling in white make space look even bigger and that light project in windowless areas to make the House more clear and bright. The wood stairs of a tone very different from the land from the ground floor marks the separation of environments and will be continued on the top floor. The side of the glass staircase, goes almost unnoticed and also allows free movement of the light.

As we said the stairs take us to the top floor in which the atmosphere is quite different, wood flooring is very warm and cozy and has a tone clear as for furniture stand out in it perfectly. In addition to the green now other intense purple or red tones, some walls and others are introduced also in textiles and furniture as we will see below.

The bedroom is simple but charming, the Red wall that we see in the background is that it separates it from the bathroom and a large window facing the bed gives plenty of light. Is true that functional level I would you miss any table and other auxiliaries, but as less is more, aesthetically can not be you lot of stick.

We ended our journey in bathroom in whose Cabinet basin we turn to find the same shade of green which was protagonist in the kitchen. Here it has sought more functionality, to the bottom we see two cabins for the shower and the toilet and tub is missing him nor. It meets the trend that gives more importance to the bathroom as a space of relaxation and not only toilet in the homes of today.

To my house I loved, I am not in favour of having too many things at home and This simple style but with color I like very much. While it is true that the House lacks a bit of life, the only thing that seems to be fairly in use is the kitchen, with a couple of details more upstairs will be a perfect home.