Amir Slama Launches Exclusive Prints for Tok & Stok!

The Tok & Stok launched another amazing collection with exclusive prints signed by Amir Slama, in his Garden 2016/2017 collection. Entitled with names that are the face of summer, the collection presents a creative universe totally linked to nature. They are: Titled Acqua Bela, Tributaries and Shade of Coqueiro, besides the existing Sea and Earth.

The collection is unprecedented and presents several products, such as crockery, umbrellas, towels, cushions, among others. The pieces are inspired by elements of nature, something that comes in connection with the summer. They are prints of rivers, flowers, trees, birds and everything around, perfect for the season.

The pieces are already available in stores all over Brazil. Get to know some of the prints that are part of the collection:

Acqua Bela
The line Acqua Bela, translates the sun that reflects in the water and mirrors in the sky. Based on the tropicality of Brazilian flora, the print is colorful as the summer, which enchant different age groups, suggesting leisure experiences and recalling the beach imaginary of moments of joy and rest.

The print proposes a playful immersion in references to the rivers of Brazil. “Tributaries is the water which I drink and which carries a story, in which one fishes, if one eats, wet earth handicrafts,” reveals the stylist. The result is primary, living colors that animate the interiors, and objects designed to have various uses.

Cooler Shadow
Relaxant is the ideal word to demonstrate the print developed by Slama for this line, which refers to fresh water when wearing accessories that can add a special touch to any environment during the summer.

Sea And Earth
The blue seen on the Asian beaches combined with the classic brown of the Brazilian cliffs were the inspiration of the stylist for the creation of this first line with Toc & Stok. The pieces are represented with a floral batik print.

As I love the decoration and a beautiful and colorful table set, I decided to share this novelty with you to serve as inspiration and give decoration tips, after all the end of the year celebrations are coming!