Applications, Tutorials, and Books That Can Help Us with Home Staging

Now that we have already decided to apply a little bit of home staging to sell or rent our House, not us come bad a little extra help, because it is not so simple, especially if we want to adjust the budget. Fortunately, there are a few applications, tutorials, and books that can help with the home staging.

In addition, we will also explore possibility of home staging that can make our most attractive House with a tighter budget. It is of the Home virtual staging, i.e., furnish our House digitally so that the photos are more attractive in the pages of ads, although then logically the House will not be furnished to the visit. An intermediate step between leaving it empty and furnish it for the occasion.

Home Staging tutorials

As we commented my companion Raquel, home staging is something relatively new in Spain, and although there are many companies that are dedicated to this, there is still no many online resources to guide us to confront our first project, at least in Spanish.

In our special home staging we are going to give a few home staging tips and tricks, But if you want to investigate more, in English the amount of resources is broad notably.

For starters, I recommend this extensive tutorial home staging that we offer from Home Buying Institute, and that takes a tour from the basics, like what is home staging and what benefits us, up to Tips to decorate the exterior and the interior of the House to detail, focusing on those that best match you will bring to our budget and our time.

The home staging REALTOR guide is also very interesting Mag, which in addition to very extensive, with plenty of articles for Polish to our property for less money, is extremely visual, with images that accompany the explanations and even videos with tips.

Finally, and although it could be in the applications section, I recommend the app Home Staging by Elizabeth Vaca, which includes inspirational photos, illustrated tips, statistics about the influence of the home staging… is in English, but it is free.

Books of Home Staging.

There are many books in Spanish dealing with Home Staging, but there are two that can come to us well if we want to delve into the subject. The first of them, although it is not specific to home staging, will give us very good ideas to deal with the sale of a property: it’s merchandisers: theory and practice, a book that we recommend from House beautiful.

If we are looking for something exclusively dedicated to Home Staging, the only thing available is currently the guide of Home Staging, edited by Home Staging España, which promises “tips from professionals, practical examples and pictures, this guide is a reference for the sale or rental of your home”. The price is €25 in digital format, and it contains only 66 pages with an unambitious index.

Applications that will help us with Home Staging

We get to the part that I like: applications that will help us with Home Staging. There is a little bit of everything, apps that help us to draw plans from a photo point steps, to change colors…

To paint virtually

If we imagine a color in a room will look like before we go to paint, there are various applications that will help us to do so:

  • Paint My Wall (iOS): is free, although there is a paid version, and basically allows us to mark the area that you want to paint with your finger and then try different colors.
  • Pixelate! (iOS): £ 1.79, this application provides a function similar to Paint My Wall, but automating the selection of walls that we paint, making the task easier and accurate.
  • Color Booth Free (Android): Although it is not focused only for decoration, with this application you will be able change the color of those surfaces that you want, and test different combinations of colors not only walls, but with fabrics and accessories.

To measure and draw

When preparing the home staging of the House in question, it is important to keep in mind the measures and, if possible, draw a plane, something that it will be useful to us and also potential buyers will appreciate. What happens is that this is somewhat cumbersome and sometimes complicated, although there are applications that will facilitate the task:

  • Photo measures (iOS): allows us to point measures directly on a photo. It’s over take incomplete action in a flat evil drawn on a paper then we lose, now we do a photo and we can score it measures.
  • Room Scan (iOS): this application will do that draw planes be a thing of the past. Simply put your phone on the different walls of a stay you can get a plane of the same.
  • Floor Plan Creator (Android): Even if different from the above, Floor Plan allows us to easily create drawings and test different distributions on our tablet.
  • Autodesk HomeStyler (web): with this free web application can easily create drawings and our House 3D models, being able to try different combinations, possible reforms or finishes on walls and floors.

Virtual Home Staging

The Home virtual staging It is an intermediate step between the home staging and not do anything with the House that we want to sell. It is basically using editing techniques for the computer to add virtually decoration, helping the buyer to get an idea of how the housing shall be furnished once.

For this purpose we can use more or less generic applications, such as the mentioned Autodesk HomeStyler, design in 3D as SketchUp or Photoshop image editing programs, but if we want a result suitable without much effort you should use specific applications such as Visual Stager.

There are also companies offering to perform these services, such as Virtual Home Staging or Virtual Staging Solutions, with more competitive prices than if you decide to make a conventional staging home, clear that it will only serve to convince the customer that visit our property, then when it arrives it will be as it was.