Are You on Vacation? Aims These 7 Perfect DIY to Do These Days

Holidays, free time, children at home, in some parts of Spain rain… is the perfect time take all the creativity you’re inside! We will suggest you 7 “do it yourself” very facilitos so you are entertaining and give him a decorative touch to your House.

Something very personal and you differentiate. Using easy to find materials and without using heavy machine, or anything of that.

The cat more elegant as in marble tray

The owners of the cats love them, if you think you have more than a pet, an aristogato your food place should be as elegant as himself. Attentive to this DIY so your cat eat tray of… marble.

You only need one cutting thick Board, Vinyl marble or aironfix marble, a few stop print for not striped soil and a tray handles, the rest is Paste and paste.

A doormat personalized welcoming

A doormat of the of life, natural color, boring and without grace, You can become a cheerful welcome. The first thing to do is to choose the words that you’ll want on your doormat, then you are looking for in the computer the letters that you like, the right size and print them.

You carefully cut the letters and put them on the mat with the help of pins. After you choose a color that you like spray and carefully rocías the mat. When it is dry you remove the pins and you have personalized doormat!

All the necklaces in order

There is no doubt that the geodes they have returned to our decor with great force, we’re seeing them in tables, in wonderful sculptures or in elegant display cases, in this case they suggest using them as hangers in the bedroom and the result is fantastic.

The first thing is get the geodes, whether in shops specialized or at the school of mines, a good contact adhesive and a table painted color that you like. You only have to paste the geodes to Board and you have hanger, simple and very sophisticated.

Paravent more natural and original

Nothing more disgraceful that a fireplace in summer, if you also live in a place where there is much wind will always be full of dust and etc. But the classic paravent are excessively serious or charged to the modern decorations, Let’s see this paravento or enclosure that fits to the chimney and is made with logs that you can cut in the DIY Center or you can even find them already cut into the garden and landscaping centers.

Seek a wood of the proper size, the you paint black and you pegáis the multicoloured and this will be the result.

Customizing to the table of the bread

This DIY is easy and fun to make with children, in this step you can see that you just to be a little bit of mana.

You don’t take tea? Look what you can do with these cups that you hinder

I am very tea and making snacks, but I also have a lot of descabaladas cups you have neither economic nor sentimental especially valuable. For this DIY you need one hot glue gun and throw you to the improvisation. I recommend that you first make an attempt without glue, to see how is and then already get to stick.

Important that the base is smooth and clean, and then you can fill out your cups of rings, earrings…

Table without grace to draw attention

I love this DIY, but how at home we are very of game of cards after eating, I will put a mat of green felt, simply decorated with red ribbons, but if you want the table for breakfast or that the children, a fabric or a modern vinyl tablecloth paint and with a stamped trend and that does not stall, type fleece or choose between models of tablecloths that repel water and also should be cleaned with a soft cloth, can be very nice.

As you can see it is one cheap table, plywood, that it can be upholstered seamlessly with stapler.

Well, once you have the ideas, you now you you launch into the adventure of the “do it yourself”.