Art Nouveau Wallpaper – The Washable Lincrusta Design with Vintage Flair

That it wall coverings are available in different variants, is not Geheimis. From PVC to wood to wallpaper or simple color, everything can be used in principle. Today we would like a special kind of art nouveau wallpaper imagine namely the so-called Lincrusta wallpaper that not only in the 19th.

And 20th century. Even today, it is one of the most popular designs and is often the first choice when it comes to wall design.

Art Nouveau wallpaper with attractive 3D patterns

Lincrusta wallpaper was created in the 19th century. In 1877 the jewelery officially came onto the market, the inventor of the chemist being Frederick Walton. This Jugendstil wallpaper quickly captured the hearts of all and became one of the most popular wall coverings at this time. This is how it is found in the White House and also decorated the most luxurious cabins on the Titanic.

Art Nouveau wallpaper in green

The fabric is not quite the same as the wallpaper. It has an attractive relief of a solid material that creates three-dimensional patterns, which make the Jugendstil wallpaper a real eye-catcher. Actually, the look is reminiscent of the stucco, in which mortar is made equally attractive patterns and shapes. But Lincrusta has nothing in common.

Relief wallpaper made of resistant material

Relief is a good catchword, as the name of the Jugendstil wallpaper is composed of “linium”, meaning “linen” and “crusta”, the Latin word for relief. Lincrusta wallpapers consist of a composition similar to linoleum, which is no wonder, because the inventor of both products is the same.

Composition of Lincrusta wallpaper

The basis for the Jugendstil wallpaper is solid paper, linen, cotton or jute. This so-called carrier is the substrate for later screening. This is applied in the form of a mass containing oxidized linseed oil, also known as linoxin, rosin, copal resin and wood flour. In order to obtain a certain color, dyes are optionally added to this mass.

Design of the patterns

This Lincrusta mass is used for the Jugendstil wallpaper in the hot state. It is applied to the carrier with rollers having the respective pattern. As soon as the mass dries, the wallpaper is ready for further processing. The wallpaper roll has a standard size of 10 × 0.53 meters. A difference to the wallpaper is that the corners are not simply glued. Instead, they are cut to mitred.

Romantic Lincrusta wallpaper in Art Nouveau style

The result is a solid wall covering, which becomes even more firm over time. The pattern can not be inadvertently deformed or otherwise deformed. In addition, the Lincrusta Jugendstil wallpaper can be arbitrarily expanded. This allows the wall to be painted or varnished in any color. The patterns also look very nice when they are made with gold leaf.

A perpetual trend from the 19th century

Another special characteristic of Jugendstil wallpaper, which was particularly popular among the citizens, was that they could be washed off without damaging them. It was therefore a hygienic wall covering, which was also quickly used in public buildings for wall design. In addition to the above mentioned, the London Café Royal, the Carnegie Hall in New York, as well as prehistoric wagons of some railways.

Attractive wall design with ornaments

While the product was initially called “linoleum muralis”, the inventor Walton quickly changed it when he noticed that the Jugendstil wallpaper became increasingly popular. The new name was “Lincrusta-Walton”. His goal was that other companies do not use the same products. This ultimately led to Lincrusta being a protected brand name today.

Washable wallpaper

A few years after the Jugendstil wallpaper came onto the market, several factories were founded. The first in Germany was already built in 1884 in the city of Hanover. Even if this factory no longer exists, the Lincrusta wallpaper will still be produced in London and according to the traditional recipe.

Luxury wall design

The Lincrusta Jugendstil wallpaper is not without reason a luxury material. Apart from the fact that this is incredibly attractive, the process of production is also very complex. If you want a wallpaper of this kind, you should expect a price of 60 euros and more per square meter. Fries are even up to twice as expensive. For this reason, the wallpapers are mostly used for the restoration of old buildings.

Specialist shops in Germany

Anyone who has fallen in love with this Art Nouveau wallpaper, can inquire in different shops, which offer the wallpaper. These include Brothers Tores as well as Schulz’s color and wallpaper house. Both stores are located in Berlin. Also in Cologne Lincrusta wallpapers are available in 5qm wallpapers. A more favorable alternative to the Lincrusta are so-called Anagylpta wallpapers. These consist of embossed paper and cellulose fleece.

Modern art wallpaper with modern pattern

The Lincrusta Jugendstil wallpaper can decorate both the entire wall as well as only in certain areas. Thus, this type of wallpaper is particularly suitable as a substitute for the wood paneling. Their robust material easily takes on the role of a wall panel. Since the wallpaper is easy to clean, it is perfect for this purpose.

Lincrusta Art Nouveau wallpaper in dampened rooms

Even in the kitchen and even in the bathroom, the Jugendstil wallpaper is no problem. Its water-resistant property makes it resistant to the moisture, which is very high in the bathroom. In principle, the Lincrusta wallpaper looks very good in absolutely every room – as a romantic wall design in the bedroom, for a more bahaglich design in the hallway or for a varied everyday life in the living room.

Art Nouveau wallpaper in gold

With a certain color for the Jugendstil wallpaper you can also provide for any atmosphere. With gold, the interior will add exquisite, powerful colors like pink, red or blue lend the space to pepp. In a white model, the pattern is particularly well-suited to the shadows. White is also preferable in a dark corridor.

Lincrusta Jugendstil wallpaper instead of wood paneling

The Lancrusta wallpapers undoubtedly have a special charm and are again an example of the fact that old fashion can quickly get back into fashion. No matter whether you use the Jugendstil wallpaper to create whole walls or only to set certain accents, whether you choose a simple color with a lush pattern or a striking color with a simple pattern – the ambience will definitely be very special.