Birthday Decoration Festa Junina: Check out Inspirational Ideas

Who’s birthday in the month of June may bet in the Organization of a jerk.

Need tips for a birthday decoration Jerk? You still have enough time to perfect and do a super event! Keep watching.

Corn, peanut butter cups, assorted cakes, chikki, flags, balloons. There are many items that make a real jerk. So check now how to make a birthday typically redneck!

Some really good ideas for birthday Decoration Festa Junina


A very interesting tip from healthinclude and spending almost nothing is to make paper balloons. The effect on the decoration looks great, and you won’t have a lot of work to produce.

The most important thing is to cut the strips of paper in different sizes. So, when is staple them, the balloon format happens automatically.

2-straw hat

With straw hats, you can do just about anything. Yes, that’s right.

Instead of trays, the jerk you should opt for the simple and reminiscent of the farm. Place the hat on the table and decorate your back with candies.

You can even hang hats of different sizes on the walls.


Redneck party worth its salt must have flags. They take joy at celebrations.

To celebrate a birthday, decorate with flags, which should fall under the ceiling, be hung on the wall, and other various uses. Everything from your imagination.

A napkin holder made of popsicle sticks and decorated with flags can be the highlight of the table of guests.

The colorful flags also customize the honeys of the party, as those served in little cups.

4-Cartridge of corn on the COB

Speaking of creativity, this left us thrilled! A support tube with yellow fondant and “dressed” with crepe paper or green tissue paper becomes an ear of corn. Amazing, isn’t it?

In a children’s Party, this souvenir will be a great success! The kids will love it.

5-Junino Cake

For cake, can’t miss creativity. A birthday cake in the middle of “do-si-do” calls for a special themed decor.

Valley fire, flags, balloons, plaid patchwork, in short, everything you remember that hot time of year.

And the style of the confectionery can be what the birthday girl wants. Rustic, homemade cake, chocolate, fondant, naked cake, with kit kat. There are a myriad of possibilities.


As for the adults there is no much need for children is a fundamental part of the party have a beautiful theme and invitation.

The birthday invitation can be done by hand, in the best style craft, or to be printed from the internet. What counts is being very excited and show that the celebration will be in style jerk!

7 – Fire

Jerk has to have fire! But, hold on, that it will not be for real. Will be much safer for your guests. With paper rolls and tissue paper in warm colours – very hot – you create the illusion of having a fire going.

The fires in small size can decorate any room the party very graceful.


If you have corn, popcorn has too. And we can deliver the corn popped and ready to eat. Place Candy corn or salt in transparent bags. Then use crepe paper to cover it and simulate the leaf of corn on the cob.

With dry straw, you must tether your tasty “wrapping paper”.

+ Ideas for decoration for themed birthday jerk

Ready to put his hand in the cookie jar and prepare a birthday decoration festa junina with everything works.