Books on Décor: the Latest Releases for Those who Love Decorating!

If you love books and decoration, be sure to check our tips on the latest releases.


For anyone who is in love with a nicely decorated environment, innovative design and constantly search for inspirations for the décor of the House, a good book on the topic is always a necessary accessory. After all, these artifacts, we can find indispensable guidelines for what we aim in our environment.

In addition to your immense cultural utility, the book is able to contribute to the decoration, exalting the soul of space. Is on the shelf, stacked, on the coffee table or organizing the composition, the books are very welcome! So, how about investing in bonds and increase your wisdom and the décor? To help you, split up some special tips! See below!

If you love attending restaurants that bring incredible and innovative décor, Restaurants & Bar Design, published in 2015, published by Taschen, brings together the best international interior design projects for bars and restaurants.


In all, 100 establishments opinions and are divided into five chapters, by continent: Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. Sophisticated, all the proposals are very functional and were proposed by the jury of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Without a doubt, worth checking out!



In need of inspiration for the new design of your House? The book 100 Interiors Around the World is a portrait of Interior projects around the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.



This Edition brings you the most exceptional and inspiring compositions, ranging from a rustic, minimalist décor to urban and industrial. Rico in detail and showing the lifestyle of each region, certainly, this book never get out of fashion!



For anyone who loves travel and decoration, the Gypsy: A World of Colour & Interiors is ideal! Produced by renowned designer Sibella Court, known by the style your bohemian, this copy takes us on a trip around the world, passing by: Galapagos, Ecuador, Indochina, Turkey, Scotland and Romania. In each place, are revealed several inspirational elements, as churches, colors, animals, prints and aromas.



Refined, the Gypsy encourages us to use our artistic inspiration, teaching as inspiration, through the imagination, in our routines and travels. Undeniably, this is a beautiful Deluxe Edition, to learn and decorate any room!



In 2013, the owners of the store i gigi, in England, Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre published the Life Less Ordinary: Interiors and Insights, Love and Life, on which are depicted their experiences in an establishment. In these pages, it is possible to identify soft colors and relaxing, rustic and a vintage touch.

To the authors, the design philosophy is described as: “the most important thing for us is to create a space that is practical, beautiful and where people feel relaxed.” In addition to decor and a spectacular photography, this book covers, including themes such as friendship and business.



And, finally, passing through London, Milan and New York, the book “Creative Spaces: Inspired homes and creative interiors”, show us houses, apartments and studios of people inhabiting different and creative places.

Divided into chapters that mingle between eclecticism, prints, modern art, industrial art and color pattern, this Edition brings different styles and real treasures found in each location. Whether in a small apartment in London or on a farm in upstate New York, all locations are pure charm and inspiration.





And then? Why not innovate to your library with incredible titles about decor? Sure, your guests will be enchanted and your environment will be even more beautiful. And, to inspire you even more, the Lolahome has some amazing pieces that will give a special touch in your home! Take a look: