Carpet Clean without Chemicals – Tips and Home Remedies as an Alternative

So beautiful carpets are, they require at a cleaning. Especially on bright carpets stains are a common problem. In addition, discoloration and the annoying mites, which are a major problem for allergy sufferers in particular. Now you do not have to resort to professional, expensive and chemical carpet cleaners to refresh your beloved carpet.

With many home remedies you can use the clean carpet, so that it looks fast like new again. We would like to list some such home remedies and tips in this article. Try these for carpet cleaning before you reach for chemistry or engage a company.

Clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner

The regular cleaning of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner is the A and O. Here you remove not only accumulated dirt, but can also fight various pests. Dust allergists have particularly needed this cleansing to get rid of mites and, above all, the irritable mite droppings. Also moths love the carpet in your house and like to use it to lay their eggs there. The vacuum cleaner is the perfect device for everyday carpet cleaning.

Regularly carpet clean as protection against pests

However, when cleaning the carpet with the vacuum cleaner, it is important to remember that in some cases the carpet is damaged. Many accumulated sand grains, combined with the vacuum cleaner, turn into a kind of razor that cuts off the fibers of the fabric. Whether this is the case with you, you can check with a glance into the bag or container after cleaning the carpet. Excessive fluff is not a good sign.

Clean carpet with soda stains immediately remove

In order to avoid stains and to make cleaning as easy as possible, it should be removed as soon as possible. If these have not yet dried up, let them remove a clear better and easier. Do not rub the polka dots! Carbonated water here is particularly well suited. If you want to clean the carpet with soda, place a thick towel on the fresh stain. Then pour over the soda. The carbonic acid dissolves the dirt, which is then absorbed by the towel. A steamer is not a good idea for stains. This usually only ensures that the dirt is baked into the fabric of the carpet. Also soap is rather difficult to handle with the carpet. It is indeed difficult to remove the soap completely at the end. The soaked soap binds the dirt even better in the tissue in the future.

Be careful with natural carpets

Natursteppiche are particularly sensitive. Chemical agents should be avoided if you clean such a carpet as they can damage the fabric. Also look at the colors should be watched. If necessary, undesirable discolorations may occur. Use mild and gentle products such as soap, water or a wool detergent to clean natural carpets. Then, try the selected product only on a non-visible part of the carpet. So you can check how it reacts to the product. No matter what type of carpet you want to clean, wait until summer. Otherwise it dries too slowly, which in turn can lead to an unpleasant odor.

Clean carpet with home remedy – vinegar and lemon

As already mentioned, you should first try some household products before chemical products. These can often produce true miracles. Super suitable is vinegar water to clean the carpet itself, which is to be poured on stains and there for some hours to act. Also suitable is lemon water, which after a few hours wipes gently with a cloth wiedr. Do not forget, however, that vinegar and lemon juice have a bleaching effect. Use them only on bright carpets. As an alternative for colored carpets, baking soda can also be used to clean the carpet.

Carpet clean with baking soda

What actually has a cleaning effect in the baking soda is the soda contained therein. If you want to clean the carpet with soda, just sprinkle baking soda on the stains and pour hot water over it, opening the fiber pores. The whole should then work for at least a few hours and best overnight. The next morning you dab the baking soda. You can also let the carpet dry and then vacuum the baking soda. The procedure may need to be repeated for more stubborn stains. Another great feature of baking soda is that it fights against unpleasant odors in the carpet.

Remove the red wine stains on the carpets with salt

Surely you have already heard of the salt as a remedy against red wine stains, but it just forgotten. Salt can be a real miracle when cleaning the carpet. However, this must be done immediately. Sprinkle plenty of salt on the stain and let it rest. During this time, the red wine is easily absorbed by the salt. This can also cause it to turn red. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the salt and repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

Dried red wine

Nevertheless, it may be that the stain is noticeable only when it has already dried up. In this case you should not despair because there are some means that you can try out. These include white wine, mineral water and vinegar water. The acid contained in it could damage the carpet. So try again at an inconspicuous place.

Clean carpet with shaving foam

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to carpet foam, shaving foam is the perfect helper. Clean the carpet by applying the foam to the spot, gently brush it with a brush and let it work. Just suck it off. When choosing the shaving foam, make sure that no additives are included. This also includes menthol.

Blood in carpet

You can also clean blood in the carpet by using household remedies. It is important that you use cold water. This will soften the blood. You can also use an ice cube to rub the stain. Then polish it with a towel or kitchen paper and you will already remove a large portion of the blood. Baking soda or soda is also suitable. This agent should be applied for two hours and then aspirated. The procedure may be repeated. As an alternative, aspirin is also suitable in the form of bubbling tablets.