Carrefour ECO Bulb Halo 116W

Consumption: 116W (measured 129W)

Energy rating: D

Equivalence: 150W

Lumens: 2135 lm

Color: 2900K

Adjustable: Yes

Dimensions: 55 x 96 mm

Duration: 2000 hours (50000 ignitions)

Price: €1.70.

Origin: Carrefour (France)

Carrefour ECO Bulb Halo 116W

You can see in the ranking of bulbs that placed in head within the category of “normal” size bulbs, being only surpassed by the light bulb low consumption SevenOn 65W whose size is gigantic and above the 105W halogen Philips.

The only thing to comment is that the average light that gives is between 20% and 28% more than a incandescent 100W (Osram and Attralux), by which the of the equivalence of 150W I rather would it as equivalent to 120-128W which curiously is what consumes according to my measurements.

Setting me on the packaging of the led bulb Philips 9.5W comes a table indicating that a 150W bulb gives 2452 lumens (that would be the percentage of lumens missing from this bulb to reach the equivalent of 150W)

Again another proof that halogen bulbs “ECO” that say eat less, actually seem to consume more than the indicated and light less, so when buying one should look more at the Watts that indicates that the equity method and think if you put 116W it shine more than an incandescent bulb of 100W, but not as one 150W.

Bulbs can be found on the Internet with exactly the same characteristics of W, lumens and size through more than €2 and €3 by what the price of this bulb seems to be more affordable and you can be purchased directly at the mall free shipping.

Looking at the website of Leroy Merlin, they have the Osram light bulb with the same characteristics, in 3000 K light and color to a much more expensive price of €3.95. What if I want to highlight is that in this case they indicate a 125W equivalence which seems to be that it corresponds more to reality than the 150W indicating that of the Carrefour according to the tests I’ve done.

The same bulb Osram can be found also in, for a price of €1.65 but what it opened that add shipping costs so it does not compensate for buy it online.

Not worth spending more than €2 in a bulb of this type since in theory the only advantage is that duran twice as incandescent and still can be found in the Chinese bazaars incandescent bulbs for €1 or less.