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Roast Chicken: 4 Ways Delicious to Prepare

The lunch of the weekend will have a special taste with these 4 recipes for roast chicken, from simple to stuffed, just pick the one that most want to do. For being a white meat, and lean, in addition to a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, chicken is considered a great option to include • Read More »

5 Recipes with Gum Tapioca Must-See

To get the best out of gum tapioca, we chose some recipes that make any one satisfied. More healthy or less, all worth. From cheese bread to a healthy up to an idea to make pizza, the gum tapioca is the star of several delicious recipes, healthy and easy to practice for any time of the day.

Real Cooks Use Aprons During Cooking

There are not only boilers and old ladies who use aprons when they cook. Even the most male chefs use aprons-just look at the brothers Price who have been in aprons for years to cook their tasty dishes.

Kitchen with a Shirt Apron Tutorial

Turn your old shirt into a fancy kitchen apron for tinkering and cook safely! In this tutorial apron, to make the deck shirt, you need just the front of the shirt. You can accessorize your apron with Pocket, or a bit of bias to make it perfect. This apron is a great gift for a • Read More »

Home Beautiful Food

The Chair-tick is, when you get a bit older and more sedentary, a very fitting equivalent to the shoe tick, just you can squeeze shoes in case of an emergency, however, merely stacking chairs, the choice must be the latter so deliberate, what increasingly harder for me. Mentally trapped between Mies van der Rohe, Bullerbu • Read More »

Halloween Delicious Recipes – and Scary! -to Celebrate Halloween

The celebrations of Halloween are very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the United States, but the party has been gaining more and more strength in Brazil. Of Celtic origin, Halloween, celebrated the day October 31, can become a perfect opportunity to meet who we like in a super fun date. Skulls, Mummies and ghosts • Read More »

AnoNovo 5 Drinks with Gin to Make at Home

In Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, bars like Astor and Capone have committed to create drinks that value the Gin, with aromas and flavors of the drink. The Astor Bar, in São Paulo, has a letter devoted exclusively to the Gin and tonic, created by Edgar da Costa, the Traditional Trading Company. The project is already • Read More »

Making Your Own Sugar Cake – Ideas and Tips for Decorating Desserts

Cakes, cakes, donuts, biscuits and many other desserts look much nicer and more appetizing when they are appropriately decorated. A frosting can be quickly and easily produced and is one of the most popular styles for decorating desserts. Do you want the  frosting selbermachen rather than buy, then you are right here. We present some recipes and beautiful decoration ideas • Read More »

Use a Kitchen Toweling Film and Re-Design the Kitchen Furniture and Walls

If you intend to renovate the kitchen, you should not necessarily replace the old kitchens or worktops with new ones. Instead, you can foil for kitchen use, the perfect to cover old-fashioned or worn fronts, worktops fits and shelves and thus save money. In the article you will find many great ideas for using the adhesive film in the kitchen • Read More »

Fortune Cookies Themselves Make of Paper, Fabric and Felt on New Year’s Eve

Think about how you decorate the festive table on New Year’s Eve and how you will surprise your loved ones this year? How about perhaps making fortune cookies yourself ? They will ensure a good mood and can also transmit positive messages. We have some ideas together for you, as you your New Year’s party that certain something and sometimes serve fortune • Read More »

Clean Tiles without Chemicals – 13 Household Products for Bathroom and Kitchen

Although tiles an extremely practical lining and are happy to be used in outdoor areas both indoors, they need to be properly and regularly maintained and cleaned so that they long to look beautiful. Although tiles clean is not a complicated matter that care is sometimes tedious and time consuming. In this article, we will introduce you to a variety • Read More »

Tahina Homemade for Healthy Eating – 5 Vegan Recipes

Tahina, also known as Tahini or Tahine, is a paste produced from finely ground sesame seeds. It is quite typical for Arabic cuisine and is often served as an accompaniment or a thickly liquid sauce on salads. Mean while, provides in almost any store to buy sesame paste in screw-top, but tastes Tahina homemade better and you have 100% • Read More »

Halloween Drinks and Cocktails – 19 Ideas

Every good Halloween party needs matching food and beverages that are decorated and served accordingly. The Halloween cocktails should look creepy or best creepy to be in line with the party. In this article you will find some recipes for Halloween drinks with or without alcohol, and some cool Decoration ideas for the perfect party drinks in eerie look. Typical Halloween • Read More »

Sweet Potato Recipes – Prepare Delicious Dishes with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, also known as batats, are a trend vegetable that has become more and more affordable in restaurants and even discounters in recent years. Thus, tasty and leave exotic dishes to prepare, have a special taste and are suitable for any meal. In this article we present some healthy sweet potato recipes before that best meet for breakfast, lunch and • Read More »

Popular Pumpkin Recipes – 15 Autumn Pumpkins and Desserts

Pumpkins are popular autumn vegetables, which are used both as decoration and for the preparation of delicious dishes. This allows appetizers, entrees, soups and desserts prepare that look appetizing and genuine taste good. In this article we have popular pumpkin recipes with different types of squash collected, with which you can prepare delicious autumn dishes himself. The best varieties for pumpkin • Read More »

Benefits of Copper Cookware

February 19, 2016-She’s outside this wonderfully warm color, great, classic curves-the tin “Frankfurter Kranz” solid copper.Inside it is convenient and tasteless ceramic coated. Heavy and solid, it is in the hand. The wall of the baking mold is from one and a half millimeters of copper, which has this fantastic thermal conductivity. A baking dish with world best • Read More »

Spice Grinders for Kitchen

At you will find a huge selection of oil spray, killers and salt-and pepper gays for the home. We cover everything from traditional spice grinder to funky salt and pepper gays in attractive and modern colors. Herbs are indispensable in any kitchen, and thus are salt-and pepper gays it also. Salt and pepper gays • Read More »

Smart Kitchen Appliances

On this page you will find a sea of smart kitchen appliances that are designed to make cooking a little easier. Very cold cuts will intersect in a handy slicer from Severin to be perfect for you, if fries is the children’s favorite food, a classic cooking pot ever be the case. If you are • Read More »