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Vitamin Color Sofas

Star of the show, the couch is chosen as much for its comfort as for its design. It fits in with the atmosphere of the room or there brings a particularly colorful or even totally offbeat. Be it a sofa two seater, three or four seats, vitamin color add dynamism and mirth instead. Find your sofa color from our • Read More »

Clara More

You may not know his name, but his face and figure are largely popular, because they wander for a time by the most important catwalks. Clear more, international model, was born in Barcelona, the city where his family home, is a privileged floor Art Nouveau style located in the ensanche. Housing, dating from the early • Read More »

Jacobsen: Chairs and Patios. a Promising Conference

I don’t often recommend conferences. In fact, neither used to assist them during the race–something that now I regret – so to slightly amend my mistakes of the past, I invite you to that asistais to Jacobsen: chairs and patios. A promising Conference, No doubt.

Naomi Campbell and His New Futuristic Mansion

I am freaking out in Technicolor with the new futuristic mansion of Naomi Campbell that her future husband, the Russian Tycoon Vladislav Doronin, is building it on the outskirts of Moscow, in the exclusive neighborhood of Rubliovka, where you will find the villas at jetsetters Moscow.

A Simple Marble Side Table

If you have the possibility of getting a piece of not-very-large marble free or affordable, We have a great idea of what you can do with it. A remnant of a company of construction or manufacturing furniture for bathrooms and kitchens can be used perfectly for the project DIY that I teach today.

Design and Build Your Own Furniture out of Legos

Surely many of you of small just spent whole it pipe playing with construction, type LEGO games or similar. Some maybe you continue enjoying with them through your sons or your nieces and nephews… Because now you can make the game a reality and design your own furniture with giant LEGO pieces then build them.

Interior The Most Beautiful Poufs & Ottoman

Oh, home sweet home. While I now calmly on my new sofa wait here in my living room look around, of course right back tens of different things come to mind, that great are likely to match the deep blue dream. The speech is at this point by the way not by matching pillows, but • Read More »

Interior Top 12 Table Lamps

OK, it’s out: I have a secret passion for trutschige lamps – and you must know that I myself have withheld in the above compilation: Rose quartz, Tiffany glass, or the good, old bankers lamp – I’d they all stand around somewhere. Because the heart but at the same time for timeless classics as well • Read More »

Designer Office Furniture and Lighting – The New Collection by Tom Dixon

The famous designer Tom Dixon has introduced its first collection for office equipment on the market, consisting of a minimalist desk lamp and a practical work is. The elegant designer office furniture are functional and have an attractive design that fits not only in office but also to living spaces and thus abolishing the boundaries between the workplace and the • Read More »

Perfectly Spice up Your Furniture – Instructions and Design Tips

If you have a plan renovations want and direct the style in a new direction, you do not waive your furniture well preserved, but unsuitable for stylish new interior. Wooden furniture can easily be sanded differently and get new paint. New modern cabinet handles give every wardrobe new look. You can use adhesive film furniture decorating materials other beautifully and give • Read More »

Armchair and Swing in Industrial Home Style – House in Tel Aviv

This spacious and modern house is located in Tel Aviv and was designed in 2014 by the architectural office Neuman Hayner. The L-shaped villa was built for a four-member family, but offers enough space for guests. The house consists of two cubicles that connect to an L-shaped floor plan. A large garden, swimming pool and various corners • Read More »

Non Slip Bath Mat without Suction Cups

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in any home. This is the most common place where relaxing after a hard day and therefore each of us wants this corner of the house seem special. When bathroom furniture is better to bet on the highlights in the interior. Today we will try to • Read More »

Two Tone Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If past trends for kitchens obeyed fashion everything is made of wood, it nowadays preferred binary models – two-color or just made of wood and lacquered panels. We will mention a few ideas for kitchen in two colors to emphasize the advantages of this modern vision. The furniture in this part of the house requires • Read More »

Home Accessories For Bathrooms and Kitchens

In the bathroom, the toilet and kitchen home accessories used in the same category. This means items such as towel racks, soap dispensers, toilet brushes and hooks. Often there is more than you might think. You can buy such things separately, but it is also possible to buy all the accessories together in an attractive design. This can be • Read More »

3 Great Beds for the Children’s Room

Decorate the bedroom of children with imagination and creativity is the priority of every mother and every father: it’s their room, where grow up and where they will spend unforgettable moments with the brothers, the sisters and their friends. For this we have to make it unique. That is why today we want to introduce three exceptional beds, • Read More »

Umbrella for Wedding Party

The story of the umbrella has its roots in antiquity. Already in the fifth century in ancient Greek women used umbrellas as fashion accessories. Ten centuries later, European ladies walking around with umbrellas at Palace Park. And in the 19th century the Chinese have found an ingenious way to make water-repellent umbrella. Since umbrellas are • Read More »

Anton Alvarez Furniture

It is a small revolution that caused the invention of Anton Alvarez, former master’s student in the Design Products Royal College of Art in London. It is a “wrapping” the machine that holds together with one single thread different types of material in a single object. They do not need glue and seams with this contemporary weaving tool that ‘sews’ between • Read More »

Furniture Design Low Cost

There were once young and the poor in general who, having to set up house, you made ​​do looking old furniture in flea markets and junk shop or catching up on some heirloom from grandparents and relatives family. And then it was Ikea, and in exchange for furniture at affordable prices to the people of the new • Read More »

Advice for Furniture Shopping

In each house to avoid being swamped by mountains and mountains of shoes is very important to have, organize and furnish a handy laundry.Every teeming home of garments in use and discharged, washing, drying, ironing, place. Clothes to wash; clothes to be divided into light, dark and colored; clothes to hang just out of the washing machine; clothes • Read More »