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A Bouquet of Flowers with Autumn Leaves

Although the climate to work in tell us otherwise, the autumn you have arrived and trees so attest. Today I will explain how to leverage those Autumn leaves to make a “bunch of flowers” that your visits will be surprised. Already we have seen on another occasion saw something similar with Maple leaves.

Cabinets That Become Planters

I think that never would have occurred to me that these cabinets so horrible could have some sort of utility today and which were much less to be decorative, the truth which is that there are few things so ugly and the strangest thing is that although it is true that they are very old • Read More »

The Most Beautiful Gardens of the North

To look like to other people over the hedge? Then proceed to Schleswig-Holstein, where you can visit many beautiful private gardens.

Summer Colors: Some Examples

Summer is approaching and a good idea for these months to give our House a touch fresh, so nothing better than a change of color. Colors cake, the range of the blue ones that remind us of the sea, or the Greens and other warm colors that remind us of nature and spring are perfect • Read More »

Plants Wintering – Tips on How to Bring Your Plants Through the Winter

As plant lover you know already determined that it is about time your houseplants that were out until now and have enjoyed the fresh air and the sunshine, reinzubringen again for the winter. We have some tips for you on how to correct your overwinter plants and to make the transition from outdoors to winter quarters as gently as possible. • Read More »

What Kind of Plants as a Garden and Terrace? – Tips and Species

In order to be comfortable in your own garden and on the terrace, you have to think of suitable visibility solutions. That might not be a wood-Screening fence – a vivid green wall of flowering shrubs and dense trees can provide privacy and be a real eye-catcher. advertising Which plants are best suited for your garden? Today we present • Read More »

Garden Pavilion Made of Concrete in Puristic Style

A gazebo is the perfect way to draw a part of home life at least pleasant temperatures outside. It is an ideal place for barbecue parties with friends in the garden or to relax under the open sky. The practical use and the functionality are the main focus when designing the outdoor stay. A garden pavilion made of concrete is sustainably • Read More »

Urban Agriculture: Meet Corporate Garden in Japan

Corporate Horta company creates Japan’s largest urban farm project. Kono Designs. Here the tomatoes grow in auditoriums, bean seedlings are under the seats and green leaves are irrigated in the meeting rooms, while lemons and passion fruit are sprouting between a table and another. This is the Pasona Group working environment, a company specializing in the • Read More »

Ideas for Garden Arches 2016

Arches and pergolas, perhaps, one of the oldest man-made garden ornaments, known since the times of ancient Egypt and Rome. Several centuries ago, these small architectural forms have the same decor of English and French gardens, aristocratic estates and manors. Today, the arch again very popular, is firmly in garden fashion. This openwork decoration with • Read More »

Ideas for Terrace Garden 2016

Every worker knows that before you begin to lay some whatsoever floor, we first need to create a foundation. Even underfloor heating never laid directly on the concrete. Unfortunately, most consumers are not aware of how these designs extend the longevity of the flooring, and continue to take the joists as additional unnecessary costs. And I must • Read More »

Creative Garden Fence Ideas

Many owners of cottages and country houses make fences, hedges and fences flowerbeds with their own hands, without resorting to the help of experts. It should be noted that any fence on the site is also part of the landscape design, and if it is done by hand – and the subject of pride of • Read More »

Make Your Own Garden Sculpture

Probably each of us as a child holding a ladybug on a palm and sang the song “Ladybug, flying to the sky …”. These charming and cute bugs, perhaps the most famous and favorite insects that are associated with something pleasant and kind. Ladybugs – very important helpers in the fight against the voracious aphids • Read More »

Garden Decoration Tips

Have a garden attached to your home, or a large terrace and a long balcony, nowadays is very lucky. This is because after a long and harsh winter, locked up between work and home, we all shoot the immense desire to live more open spaces and enjoy the summer. In anticipation of the arrival of spring • Read More »

Balloons for Children’s Parties

In a conversation with our customers we realized that time election space for children’s birthday becomes larger, but also more difficult. Not surprisingly, we heard the phrase – “like organize mini wedding”. How can we help? We decorated the majority of restaurants in the city. Depending on your preference and budget for children’s holiday, we • Read More »

How to Grow a Healthy Carrot Seeds

Experience with at least carrots in food preparation or consumption has surely everyone. This plant (carrot general, lat. Daucus carota) belongs to the family miříkovitých (Apiaceae) and is thus related eg. With parsnip. Carrots is a delicious and healthy vegetables in the kitchen is very helpful, and its cultivation is so easy. Let’s look at the simple principles that guarantee • Read More »

We Grow Pumpkins Hokkaido

Gourds are a very diverse group of annual plants. The ripe fruits of cucurbits can achieve weight from a few grams to several kilograms (30 kg). The diversity of this group of vegetables grown illustrate the surface of the fruit, which can be smooth or warty costal color that is a shade of green through yellow and orange • Read More »

Mechanical Buy Garden Shears

The market offers different kinds of mechanical shears. For cutting flowers, punching bushes and twigs of trees, but also a hedge trimmer or lever shears for thicker branches. You can buy a universal scissors, which can be cut in the garden or in the workshop – in addition to plants and branches with them, for • Read More »

Unusual Garden Plant Containers 2016

Originally decorate their own hands garden or patio at the cottage is very easy to find enough in the barn different container, containers, pots and planted flowers in them! Surely you can find at least one old watering can. Even it is not necessary to clean or paint, put in a watering can cut bright • Read More »

How to Make a Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

Several useful articles made ​​from pallets , we have already discussed, today look like from a wooden pallet can be done with his own hands a small vertical garden for decoration balcony or garden. The first thing to do – find a pallet, in good condition, with no rot and protruding nails, as well as • Read More »

Hedge Shaped Like a Dragon

Are you ready to spend a few hours a day for 10 years in the gardening project, until you reach the desired result? John Brooker, a gardener from Norfolk, United Kingdom, for a dozen years of hard work to turn an ordinary fence into a work of garden art. Now his farm Frizzleton Farm guarding hedges in • Read More »