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Get Inspired Vertical Garden

The vertical garden is a great solution to let nature enter your house, at a time that the horizontal spaces are getting smaller. These true living walls can be assembled on the porch, in the room or even in the kitchen. They collaborate with the reduction of the effects of carbon emissions and decrease the • Read More »

Year Round In The Greenhouse

Most connecting enough greenhouses with sol, spring and good outdoor weather. But in reality, there is something to do in the greenhouse year-round. And over the years you will be as greenhouse owner better and better to plan and prepare a greenhouse season. Below we illustrate how a typical year in the greenhouse can look • Read More »

How to Buy a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a great pleasure, which prolongs the garden’s options and may keep you occupied year after year. Here you will get answers to the questions that often comes when you buy greenhouse. Do I need planning permission for a greenhouse? It does not require planning permission to put a greenhouse on your reason, • Read More »

Juliana Greenhouses

With a greenhouse from Juliana you get value for money and a lifelong companion for your new garden hobby. And this is important, because once you’ve got cast the Foundation and mounted the greenhouse, it must be able to withstand wind and weather and view beautifully out year after year in your garden. Why buy • Read More »