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5 Tips for You to Clean Your Room

Need to clean your room, but do not know where to start? Check out some tips that will help you keep everything tidy with no hassle. Sometimes a heavier organization in the room becomes necessary and it takes a little time to get your things in order, but … where to start? With the scarce time during • Read More »

Type of Mortar for Tile

The mortar is essential for any construction. The mixture of water, cement and sand is capable of joining waterproof materials or plain surfaces. But beware that there is a specific ideal mortar for each job. Meet the following types:

GeRard Depardieu in Paris

Maybe Gerard Depardieu It is the most international French actor. It has embodied virtually all the myths of French literature on the big screen, from Cyrano to Jean Valjean turning, how not, Obelix and has appeared in many of the great films of French cinema. The actor has decided to move to Belgium, taking advantage • Read More »

Before and after: Restoring a French Villa

Who was going to tell me, lover of new, modern and revolutionary, who was going to end up thrilling with prints as of the restoration of this French village. A before and after beautiful as long had the opportunity to teach. Already in the photos of the before is emerging the potential of housing. Large • Read More »

La Bastide De Brurangere, a Rural Hotel in France with Much Charm

If you are thinking of spending your next vacation in the South of France, and your purchasing level allows you to it, can not stop to take into account this beautiful charming hotel, located just 30 km from Avignon. Surrounded by vineyards – of which you can taste her, surely, exquisite wine-, is of a • Read More »

Plan with a Child a Stress-Free Move – 7 Points to Note

At the pulse of time one does not spend all his life in the same place. Good, but also bad experiences with the change of residence surely made everyone in his study years. But after the family foundations it looks very different, especially when children are involved. The farewell to a familiar environment, friends and habits people feel differently. Similarly, • Read More »

Clean the Ceramic Panel – Helpful Tips for Easy Cleaning

Residues from cooking can burn properly in the stove if they are not removed at short notice. A ceran field not only looks beautifully shining, can also be cleaned effortlessly compared to the conventional electric cooking field. The biggest advantage is that the rings are no longer isolated, but a flat, smooth plate rises above the Heizelemnte. Meanwhile, a • Read More »

15 Creative Ideas for the Home – Use Clothes Clips Differently

Clothespins are useful, small items that usually hold panties and socks on a leash. Moreover, they are very cheap and in different designs – made of plastic or wood, to get on the market. From this can create great Basteleien, but also as they are, sometimes use differently. We offer 15  creative ideas for home , find new uses for • Read More »

Indoor Play Tent for Toddlers

Modern children have the privilege to live in the time of unlimited possibilities and advanced technologies. But stand in front of computers, kids should be encouraged to love nature and to develop their imagination through games and interesting activities. In this vein, the topic that GranDecor chose for you today is a children’s play tents. This • Read More »

Braided Chignon Wedding

Just yesterday we amused him a braided chignon talking about hairstyles for brides. Another doubt is the simple leave or add a decoration in your hair? Of course, because it is not easy to choose something that should not complicate and make more precious look. Someone decides for the flowers, I always say it’s a very delicate thing, and possibly only • Read More »

Vintage Markets

Discover together the vintage markets that really worth visiting both here in Italy and abroad! If you are the true fashion addicts will have certainly understood that in recent years what really really made ​​trend was the vintage: from clothes to bags, from jackets to shoes all strictly retro ! Partly for this reason and partly to the fact that the vintage, especially abroad, • Read More »

Vintage Wedding Inspirations

Dress, hairstyle, bridal bouquet, shoes, wedding cake, cupcakes, pastries: All details a wedding coordinate is not such an easy task – especially not when it comes to the vintage style. Lace is indeed the central element, but too much tip seems overloaded quickly. It is completely sufficient if seemingly trivial details to match. Only what? And what makes a • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Child

Choose the toy safe and suitable to the child’s age means protecting your health. The Health Ministry, it said in a statement, “Play helps to grow” to offer helpful advice for choosing a toy based on the stages of child development, particular attention to security, since even the most seemingly innocuous object can become a threat • Read More »

Fetal Echocardiography During Pregnancy

A close examination on exams during pregnancy: what is fetal echocardiography and when to do it to get timely feedback on foetal heart conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about it. The fetal echocardiography is a special examination on the fetus that studies the anatomy and function of the heart of the baby when it is in baby bump. It is usually • Read More »

Simple Decoration Ideas for Party

Navigation How to make a simple decoration for parties. Decorate a party spend a lot of time. If the proposal is to spend less time, the best tip is to determine your budget and try to keep the most of it. With limited spending is easier to open the mind. In general, clean decor is trendy for birthdays, parties and marriage. • Read More »

The WORLD Brazilian Design at Somerset House

The art and the work of Brazilian artists have been recognized worldwide. Recently, the European Centre for Visual Arts, Somerset House (Palace located in South London), houses an exhibition of the best works of the Brazilian design for the last 10 years. The Brazilian design wins an exhibition dedicated only to him at Somerset House, • Read More »

Wall Clocks Guide

Classic, modern, elegant or luxurious – a wall clock is able to create these emotions thanks to all the possibilities offered by their different styles. Time is one of our most precious, wall clocks with goods, we can give you design time and transform a boring wall into a wall with style. When choosing wall clocks • Read More »

MASTER SUITE by Denise and Carolina Ribas

The Master suite is an environment of Paraná that brings the Color House merges sophistication with sustainability. Meet! Bring sophistication and comfort for each environment is a wish of many people who care about the decor. Especially the bedroom, can and should receive special attention, because it is him we enjoy good moments of rest. • Read More »

5 TIPS to Organize New Ideas Home

With creativity, organize the House can be an easy task – and fun. Learn how with our new selection of tips! Is already known: the mess gets in the way our mind makes us more anxious and apprehensive. If you think that organizing the House is a boring task, check out today’s post on 5 • Read More »