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A Hanger of Bird Houses

There are far longer summer days in which life develops on the outside. Excursions, long walks, sea and pool days… the station ends up being made very short and should take advantage of the Sun’s rays. Nothing to do with the autumn that concerns us, the days are shortened and made night too soon, we • Read More »

Remove The Violet of a Bathroom

We know that you love the posts of “ before and after & #8221; because you fill with ideas for future reforms in your House. Today I bring you a bathroom that in the “ before ” is painted violet, one of the colors that less like me in wall decoration since you usually end • Read More »

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

If a month ago we saw the House of Shannen Doherty, today I bring you the House that just to sell one of his former teammates from the 90 series, Brian Austin Green, who all will remember for his role as David Silver and many have who in mind because it is the boyfriend of • Read More »

Choose Well Your Home: Living in The Centre

In the introduction to the series choose well your House came to the conclusion that while the housing is cheaper the more we move away from the Center, the expenses payable to live away from the workplace can make that the cheap comes out expensive. So it is not so outlandish to consider live in • Read More »

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller He is a regular on the covers, an actress who is known more for their advertising campaigns, their outfits and their amorous ups and downs, which for his work on the big screen. These days his London House goes on sale, harassed by the paparazzi had no choice but to get rid of • Read More »

Homes That They Inspire: Summer in Formentera

They become the months of summer, the change of climate and life style, at least for a few weeks. And how it can be otherwise it is high time because that is also felt in our Homes that inspire. So nothing better that a Formentera House, a place that I suggest that you include in • Read More »

Living in a Trailer

No, not it’s last proposal of minipisos of the Ministry of housing, or the latest in manufactured homes. This small home, built on a trailer standard dimensions, is part of a campaign of advertising a mobile phone company. The first thing I thought when reading the news, without having seen the pictures, was that did • Read More »

Choose Well Your House: Location and Budget

Choose House is one of the things most arduous and complicated that you exist. Not only by the number of important factors involved, but by the involvement a decision or another will result in our lives. This series of posts I will try to respond to the questions and concerns that will threaten us during • Read More »

Living in a Garbage Truck

Thanks to a comment from our reader Jesus, we have had knowledge that the information about the truck is not very accurate. These expedition vehicles are designed and marketed through the Unicat company, which assembles habitable structures on brands such as Mercedes, Man and Volvo chassis. One of the chassis of the Unimog, used for • Read More »

A Temple in London

At the end of the month of October I showed, within this section of unconventional homes, an Australian church converted into several apartments. Then not out of my surprise, since I never imagined that a temple could be used as a dwelling, but I think I’m going to have to get used to me, since • Read More »

An Oasis in New York

What a day was a tar roofing, is today an authentic oasis in New York. Who would say that this House surrounded by trees, carpeted lawns and wood, in whose garden hens, scamper is nestled in the heart of New York. Well it might be a small plot that magically had appeared, suddenly suspended roofs.

You Can Live in Eight Square Meters without Losing The Style

A few years ago, I taught a video of how it was living in the nine square meters of a mini New York apartment. It was curious, but very overwhelming and little aesthetic. However, Kitoko Studio guys have been able to show that You can live in eight square meters without losing the style.

Perspective Correct, an Application for That Architecture Photos Come out Perfect

Between Decoesfera and XatakaFoto we have proposed that Architecture photos leaving you perfect. I have given you advice and we have even accompanied a professional photographer in a session, but what today we bring you Perspective Correct, an application in order to correct your photos instantly with your mobile.

How Air Conditioning Works

Sure that more than once, while disfrutabais of freshness, have you wondered how air conditioning works. Because we all have more or less clear how heat is produced, it is something that we know since someone invented the fire in a cave, but the cold is something much more recent and enigmatic.

Customize Dishes with Your Own Photos

The options of digital photography and printing that we have today, allow us to enjoy our pictures not only on photographic paper with a frame, but in many other media and with great quality. Today we show you a DIY that consists of using the photographs that we like more to customize dishes.

Space-Saving Door Systems for Kitchen Cabinets – An Overview

In the kitchen is usually much to be accommodated and some additional storage space can never be too much. A wall unit is regarded as the ideal complement of kitchen furniture, because it offers a lot of storage space and visually looks good in the room. An important part of the hanging cabinet design is the opening mechanism • Read More »

The Next Increase in Electricity Prices Is Certain – So Consumers Are Armed

The current surge spiral continues to rotate. Energy is also becoming more and more expensive in the private sector. For 2017, the next price increases already announced, we are talking about increases of some 40 percent. The electricity suppliers are legally obligated to inform their customers about an increase in electricity prices at an early stage. This, however, does • Read More »

Non Slip Bath Mat without Suction Cups

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in any home. This is the most common place where relaxing after a hard day and therefore each of us wants this corner of the house seem special. When bathroom furniture is better to bet on the highlights in the interior. Today we will try to • Read More »

Eclectic Style Kitchen Ideas 2016

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to style furniture. Some fall for modern visions, others classical performances. There are those who like the combination of styles. This is called eclecticism. The philosophy of the movement of art called eclectic style is simple: is a combination of elements or specific styles from different periods and • Read More »

Choose a Kitchen Sink

A kitchen without sink is no kitchen. Yet a typical sink product that we use every day in abundance, but we do not give much attention to when buying. When you buy a brand new kitchen, there is soon a fairly common model chosen. This is unfortunate, because there is a wide selection of sinks in different sizes, • Read More »