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Set the External Lighting of the Condo!

A good lighting design is essential to ensure safety and comfort to the residents and visitors in the condominium. For defining the functionality, decoration and economy in planning is necessary to choose the right products and know how to use them according to the functionality of the environment, in addition to understanding how they work, mainly • Read More »

Carrefour ECO Bulb Halo 116W

Consumption: 116W (measured 129W) Energy rating: D Equivalence: 150W Lumens: 2135 lm Color: 2900K Adjustable: Yes Dimensions: 55 x 96 mm Duration: 2000 hours (50000 ignitions) Price: €1.70. Origin: Carrefour (France)

How to Use Flasher in House Decoration Year-Round

Using flasher in house decor is common at Christmas, but it has become fashionable all year round. The flasher has gained a lot of space in the decor, especially for those who like to take pictures full of effects and personality. It has won the hearts of many people, especially those who love more delicate decorations and • Read More »

Dietrich, White Induction of Vanguard

Although avant-garde design the ultimate is not, even though it may appear so, in the white color the vitroceramic glass, not very common in the hobs that almost always we see in black, but which already markets some time along with the steel in this as in other brands.

Simplehuman: Your Trash Bags without Problems

The lower part of the appliance is the perfect place to put the garbage bag, Thus you will always be at hand, comfortably and will not occupy space, but this already is quite comfortable that put typical bucket in a corner can be even more convenient with this proposal of SimpleHuman.

We Play to The Kitchenettes?

Lack of space is one of the major problems of our homes. Many times there are no hollow or for a kitchen, indispensable element in our life. So od presenting Single Person Cooker, a kitchenette that seems toy.

White, Sink That Disappears

We saw in the rock news for 2008 in the kitchen than the sinks with different types of buckets, as well as cutting boards that overlap and other accessories destined to optimize space occupied, they are becoming more frequent in all brands, like Frecan, Teka, Franke or this white that we showed today belonging to Blancostatura series.

Tips for Saving at Home: Better Use of The Oven

The use of increasingly more appliances It is also responsible in part that increasingly consume more resources in our homes. Think anyone say we should stop using the oven, the microwave or refrigerator to save, but yes it is true that when we use these devices in the right way we can save much of the energy • Read More »

Taking Advantage of The Corners of The Kitchen

We already know that there are corner sinks, plates, cooking corner, even refrigerators of corner. And of course modules of special furniture to take advantage of them with removable or rotating carriages. But the truth, did not believe existed also corner drawers, as these top that teach us today at Apartment Therapy.

IKEA Withdraws The Chair for Babies Gulliver

The multinational Swedish IKEA It has withdrawn from the market a Chair high for babies model Gulliver, sold in several European countries, among them Spain, between January and February 2008.

Put an Elegant Touch in Your Table with Aerators for Wine

I am convinced of the tasteful detail form and today we bring you one that will a dark and elegant touch to your dinners or meetings with friends. Whenever you descorchéis wine, you will be the center of attention.

How to Convert Your Appliance White in One of Steel

No, it does not lack magic wand, only need one adhesive foil Softmetal. This blade, brand workshop, apart from providing an effect metallic according the latest decorative trends, will serve also to cover scratches or damage leaving your new appliances.

List of Waiting for The Kitchen for Men

If you want to be one of the first to boast the spectacular cuisine to men of Poggenpohl and Porsche Design, which I showed them recently, you have to hurry.

Valentine and The Dishwasher

Curious and very timely study published today by Electrolux and which concludes that, in our country, 34% of couples have arguments caused by who scrubs the dishes.

Carafe: Purity for Your Kitchen

Kohler and Jacob Delafon they have created Carafe a faucet intended for those more concerned with the health and purity of water.

Tau Smart Tile Controls Your Diet

Yes, how you hear it. The tile, which is situated opposite the fridge and apparently is like any other, incorporates a weight sensor and a microchip which controls several parameters, such as how long someone is on tile, time and weight of the user. In this way it recognizes when someone determined weight is too • Read More »

Frigopoesia: Take Your Artistic Vein in The Kitchen

Yesterday I was having tea in a coffee shop and while they allotted me table I began to gossip products that were sold in the shop. Directly I fell in love with the frigopoesia.

Aion, Practical and Ecological

The only thing that I dislike designs that I sometimes see in YankoDesign is that they are not for sale, as it is the case of Fagor Brandt Aion, especially organic cuisine, as well as very comfortable by your available.

Kitchen Fun for All Budgets

Tired @ see your white appliances of all life? As I announced in Decoesfera, on the market there are a few refrigerators and dishwashers that break the monotony of any kitchen. However, today we propose to other cheaper options if you don’t have to change the washing machine but want to give a touch of • Read More »

Ebony Kitchen: Kitchen Luxury of Contemporary Design

If you have a contemporary style house and looking for a kitchen that fits the rest of your home here you Ebony Kitchen of MK cucine, that Yes, the desire has to be accompanied by a big budget.