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Winter Garden – Plants, Photos, and Tips for Cultivation

Long time I not do a post about landscaping and gardening, but today I am inspired and I decided to bring a little bit of my inspiration to you, ready this special article about winter garden. Even here in Brazil, where the majority of the regions have favorable climate for the gardens outside, there is • Read More »

What kind of lawn mower should I choose?

Lawn mowing is the part of lawn care that takes the longest time, and it is therefore important that you get the full benefits of it and performing it as easy as possible. And it makes you only if you have selected the right lawn mower. Rotary mower and cylinder mower Overall, there are 2 • Read More »

Lawn Care Tips

Here you get tips on how the grass can be greener on your side of the hedge and stay lush and beautiful year after year. You’ll get tips for mowing, combat of MOSS, and how you give your lawn food. Are lawn care needed? A lush lawn without Moss, stains and parched grass requires maintenance • Read More »