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How to Choose the Right Wallpaper

Decorating in the home is the best time for many people and wandering in the hand can now be a fatal mistake. If you want to leave your home with a relaxing and cozy air to use wallpaper instead of ordinary paint is a great choice. It does not leave scent or residue and you can play • Read More »

Walls Striped for Apartments for Rent

Like rental say it is cheaper to buy a House, and I’m sure that many readers of Decoesfera are living in one House rented. The biggest problem of this type of houses for the decoadictos is that You can not be customized much without the permission of the landlord, but last year we gave you • Read More »

Glasgow: Now Is Rocked

The UK’s coolest city? For the British, no question: Glasgow. The metropolis boasts Scottish charm, great architecture and an incredible music scene From the ugly duckling has Glasgow transformed in recent years into a shimmering metropolis. Since the beginning of the 90s, the formerly moribund industrial city is experiencing a Renaissance. Restored Victorian buildings in the city center, the boom • Read More »

Inspirations for Creative Wall in the Nursery

Fun child room deserves creative wall! Did you only think of wallpaper? Well open your head for many more ideas. Stroll through the inspirations to make creative wall in the nursery a real joke!

Makeover Kitchen Ideas

Want to change the look of their kitchen without breaking everything, the furniture or her piggy bank? Nothing could be easier. Marie Claire Maison explains how it is possible to restyle his piece by changing an item only! No need of great work for all change in his kitchen. This central room of the House has enough elements to • Read More »

Tips on Adhesives for Infant Room

Can you imagine, transforming the children’s room in a super space of divinations, creative pranks? With the stickers for children’s room is possible!

Make It Yourself – Decorating Tips!

This weekend was well spent for those who amended with Thursday’s holiday, did not they? I did a lot of things and I came here to show you the art that I prepared kkkk. Thursday I went to Paraguay (2 and a half hours from Campo Grande), I bought some picture frames to set up a panel • Read More »

Grey Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Reined and subtle, Gray was able to invite themselves in our interior design. This sober color, which can range from very light gray to very dark gray brings peace and serenity in a kitchen! If you are still hesitating, here are 10 reasons to fall for a gray kitchen. When we opt for the development of the key of • Read More »

Vitamin Color Sofas

Star of the show, the couch is chosen as much for its comfort as for its design. It fits in with the atmosphere of the room or there brings a particularly colorful or even totally offbeat. Be it a sofa two seater, three or four seats, vitamin color add dynamism and mirth instead. Find your sofa color from our • Read More »

Spanish Prizes Wallpaper

The prestigious British magazine of Interior design and lifestyle Wallpaper just deliver their 2008 design awards. These awards, with 63 different categories, selected by the best representatives International within the fields of design, architecture or other more diverse fields such as fashion, food, perfumes, shop windows or campaigns.

Wallpaper Removing Tips

Be it because of a move or because of the wall covering just do not like. If you want to remove wallpaper, it can have many reasons With these helpful tips, you can easily peel off wallpaper. Removing Wallpaper: Preparation Before your renovate walls, you should take some precautions. Since you will work in most cases, with water, • Read More »

Wall Art Using Decorative Paper

See how you can create with less money these impressive details of your home, using pieces of decorative paper, magazine clippings or other images. 1. Decorative wall clock. Use project piece of plywood to the desired shape and size, small decorative paper and ready clockwork (new or old clock). Cut decorative paper to the size • Read More »

Decorate Wall Stickers

September is coming and many girls are going to start the first or a new college. Most will have taken a room for rent, especially when it comes to female students out of the office. Many of us know very well what can be stressful search for the right room, keeping an eye on the conditions • Read More »

Do It Yourself Wall Clock

The ideal furniture, which are dreaming almost a child can sometimes be found very difficult. Especially if in your mind you already have a clear idea of how it should look the room where you live. In that moment when you can not find what you want, the best solution is to act alone. Here’s • Read More »

Celebrity Wall Stickers

Most of people on the ground are quite common, not particularly very out and is relatively unknown. And then there are those who are most familiar with, regardless of the fact that they do not speak the same language or are from the same country or even continent such as the well-known person. Few people • Read More »

Cities & Skyline Wall Stickers

As the years go by, it will be both cheaper and easier all the time to travel. A trip to the other side of the Atlantic is not only reserved for the few with either a great deal of money or real big wanderlust, but is for all. In the same way raises more and • Read More »