Clean Tiles without Chemicals – 13 Household Products for Bathroom and Kitchen

Although tiles an extremely practical lining and are happy to be used in outdoor areas both indoors, they need to be properly and regularly maintained and cleaned so that they long to look beautiful. Although tiles clean is not a complicated matter that care is sometimes tedious and time consuming.

In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of home remedies and give you some tips on how to get your ceramic tiles gently, sustainably and quickly.

Clean tiles with household appliances

For special and sensitive tiles, such as natural stone, marble, sandstone, etc., you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications and select the care products that are tailored to your tile covering. Even with home remedies applies, making the first time a test run and try each product on a small area.

Clean calcified tiles with vinegar

Each of us knows the annoying limescale on the wall and floor tiles in the bathroom. Lime stains can be easily removed with a dash of vinegar, a cheap home remedy that produces true miracles. Rub the tiles lightly with vinegar or with vinegar and let this act depending on the degree. Please ensure that the joints remain dry as the acid can dissolve the joint glue. If the lime spots are already dissolved, you can wipe them with soapy water and dry the tiles.

Clean tiles with citric acid

If you have citric acid on hand, you can use it with the same effect with extremely calcified tiles like vinegar essence. Take 30 grams of the citric acid to one liter of water and work with the strongly calcified tiles. In addition, you can apply your self-made cleaner directly to the fitting.

Add the orange peel to the tiles to shine

You can also use a lemon or orange peel for easy cleaning. The lime stains disappear as if by magic, when the tiles are rubbed with a halved lemon. This ecological variant of acidic medium is the perfect cleaning agent for dark tiles on which every water drop leaves traces.

Clean tiles with buttermilk

The next time buttermilk is left, please do not throw away. This food product is a cheap and biodegradable cleaning agent. Then rub the tiles, allow them to act, rinse and dry. Although it sounds strange, the dirty and calcified tiles can be cleaned without the strenuous scrubbing.

Clean tiles in the kitchen

Especially the tiles in the kitchen are constantly exposed to heavy pollution, food residues and above all grease stains can make the work considerably more difficult. Rubbing with orange peel is also a rescue for dirty tiles in the kitchen. A real miracle weapon against fat is washing soda, which kills bacteria and prevents odors and mold. Grease on the kitchen tiles can simply be placed directly with alcohol or diluted with water.

Remove greasy stains from kitchen tiles

Grease can be cleaned with warm water and a little dishwashing powder. Core soap is also an ideal cleaning agent for kitchen surfaces eliminates stubborn dirt.

Clean tiles with nuclear soap

Grated core soaps, mixed with natron, lemon juice and water let your tiles radiate. You can also use baking oven spray for greasy stains. Here, too, the usual procedure – spray, wait briefly and wipe with a cloth. After that, their kitchen tiles are again clean.

Clean tile joints easily

Are you also of the opinion that the cleaning of the tile joints is a really unpleasant task? The joints become discolored with time and can not simply be cleaned with the cleaning sponge. However, expensive special cleaners are not required, but with some simple home remedies, you can easily handle this tedious task.

Remove soiling with Cola

An excellent means of cleaning the soiled joints is the cola. Thanks to the phosphoric acid contained in cola, almost every dirt will dissipate and re-radiate everything. Apply Cola to the appropriate areas, leave to work for a short time and rinse thoroughly. You can get brilliant tiles in no time when you add sugar-free cola to the plaster water, or in the case of stubbornly stained places, shake the cola directly on it and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Clean tile joints with baking powder

A proven home remedies to get tiled grout back clean is the baking soda. For a mixing ratio of 2: 1, a paste of baking soda and water is added and applied with a small brush to the joints. The dirt disappears and the joints look as new again. Alternatively to the baking soda would be a mixture of soda and water. Scratch the joints with the paste, leave them to act and rinse off easily.

Clean the tiles with toothpaste

Did you know that toothpaste can also be used to clean the joints. Thanks to the abrasives in the toothpaste, it proves to be a real miracle. Put some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and scrub the yellowed joints. It works great. Alternatively, you can use pure skinning chalk for whiter joints.

Nail polish remover as a perfect joint cleaner

An unusual but helpful cleaning agent is the commercial nail polish remover. Dab some of the nail polish remover on a cotton swab or cotton pad and treat the tile joints. The impurities are gone in seconds and you have done a cost-effective but professional cleaning.

Clean old tiles

Over time, old tiles often lose their shine and look dull. You can bring it back to shine, by adding some detergent or hair shampoo to the cleaning water. Another sparkler is the salmiac spirit, which works wonders. Simply rub the tiles with it and they will shine immediately.

Add luster to the tiles

The stubborn lime stains can also be cleaned very well with rinse aid and the matt tiles are shining with this simple household. If you add a few linseed oil drops to the wiping water, you also ensure fresh shine.