Coasters with White Tiles Decorated with Tropical Leaves

Happens to me often when I sent samples of new materials to see its quality, which are small quantities and can obviously not be used as cladding, but some are so beautiful it makes me sad throw them or abandon them to their fate in some corner of the attic. More than once I thought search time to turn them into coasters with some DIY.

And just today I found one that has brought me several interesting ideas to customize these parts. In this case the material chosen are simple white tiles, We are sure that many of you have at home some leftover parts that you could take advantage of. The chosen decorative motif have been tropical plants, ideal now that we aimed towards the summer.

The steps have been followed in this case are very simple because they have not painted tile, have not actually painted anything, the images of the sheets are printed directly from internet on paper that you can paste and set on the tile with a certain white tail, suitable for this task.

Another interesting detail is the of place small pieces of felt on the back so that the coaster will not damage the surfaces of tables. Which is essential if we are to use pieces of building materials to manufacture them, because these pieces do not usually have the polished back.

And it is already, the idea may not be simple and cheap, of course if we have the tiles… And the truth is that it is very resultón. As find some spare time to see if I prepare something similar with a few pieces of stone that I have at home that I have love…