Concrete Design Elements Inside – 10 Top Residential Accessories and Small Furniture

For lovers of clear and functional design like products from puristic materials such as glass, steel, concrete, natural wood, which are typical of the traditional craft. Formed in a simple form, these natural and contemporary materials look unobtrusive, functional and simply beautifully timeless.

They can be perfectly integrated into the modern interior and impress with their simplicity and simple detail. We offer eight selected Concrete Design element e for indoor use, under all home accessories, small furniture and lighting that give the cement as a robust building material new meaning.

Concrete design elements in the interior – simple, sustainable and modern

In modern times, concrete furniture is nothing more unknown and dominate the living culture with its monumental appearance. This is usually a reduced formal language with a characteristic geometric structure. Concrete is poured and offers plenty of design possibilities. In combination with wood a fascinating contrast between cool and warm feel of the materials is achieved. The individual structure of the wood – the wood grain, and the bubble inclusions in the cast concrete ensure that each handmade element is unique.

Small furniture with concrete design elements

A bench should provide comfortable sitting even for a while and convince with certain comfort though for a short time. According to the name of a concrete seat is so not expected. This looks really soft, to one like one with comfortable seat cushion. The bench of Tictail  is perfect for outdoor use what another upholstery certainly not could guarantee. It is also easy to clean due to its pore-free and extremely smooth surface and can only be wiped with clear water. It is available in three colors – white, gray and anthracite. The frame is made of stainless steel and powder coated in color of your choice.

Combine an effective concrete design with other materials – wood

When popular materials create new optics and play with the effect, or with the visual perception of the viewer, there is sure to be something extraordinary, which serves as an eye-catcher. Concrete is dyed like real marble with contrasting grain, wood is painted in soft metallic nuances. The natural effect of the corresponding material is also partly retained and marked by its original effect. Further living accessories, such as small planting baskets and etc., are also available in the same product line to create a stylish overall appearance in the home.

Concrete design with marble effect

Effective stool or practical side table – the application is left to them. Designs by Mono Home. 

Concrete design of residential accessories and decorative objects

Handmade concrete products are located in the middle between craft and production, design objects and objects of use. They are produced by passion in small numbers and are characterized by love for detail. They are designed according to the motto “less is more” and impress with a simple shape and a minimalistic appearance. However, concrete designs decorate apartment in a particularly stylish way, harmoniously with other materials of furniture, such as wood for example.

Concrete design shell with minimalist character

A simple bowl placed on an equally simple table provides for a glance without stinging. It is at the contrast of the materials and perhaps still at the unconventional use of the cement, widely known among all as building material. The concrete shell OKed and other design pieces with simple design and influenced by their function, such as the hanging lamp bucket  on the image, you will find live with emphasis .

Creative concrete design is reminiscent of the original determination of the material components

When everything is on the street, attracted by color and light, one has the need to retreat, to find a retreat where peace and security prevail. This place is the home and in order to create a soothing, harmonious atmosphere, neutral colors are required. Simpel does not close out effectively, and the eye can be drawn with economical means.

Concrete design residential accessories – wine stands

This fact proves a modular system for storing wine bottles, but can also successfully fulfill other functions successfully. Litos consists of several block-like members made of cement or walnut wood, which could be used in many ways and sorted – up, next to each other or individually. The form language is characterized by the geometrical figures and can be inserted stylishly in every modern home.

Concrete design lamp with geometric shapes

Gussbeton leaves many design possibilities open. The material is wonderful for all products and also for some design experiments. As a result, the successful end result – the product. The collaboration of two Iranian designers – Asia Samimi and Nima Fardi, and the fascinating table lamp – Inside Out. The body of the luminaire is solid, robust and very striking. A lampshade circumscribes the glossy polished brass frame and in its center glowing bulb with vintage lamp base. The extraordinary light can Daevas Design to find.

Concrete design table clock with minimalistic design

Time ticks and does not wait. Perhaps in this sense, the French designer Bertrand Jayr, known presented by some of the previous designs in products for Lyon concrete pointer watch ‘Life in Progress’ designed It consists of concrete and by very small integrated digital mechanism shows the exact time. Over time the dial becomes empty and then full again, a leitmotiv, which could be transmitted in actual life.

Concrete design with humor achieves other goals besides visual impact

Design achieves its goal when there is something behind the visual effect, which draws attention longer. Only to flatter the visual perception is much easier to achieve and interest in the object does not last long. But if a funny note is part of it, if design arouses positive emotions, the success is guaranteed. It is definitely worth to include humor as a success strategy in the design of interior spaces. Designer pieces, which make a smile, invigorate the room, make it look comfortable and modern. This magazine rack from Lyon concrete  reminds full of giant folder of files, in this case, but full of magazines.

Exceptional vase – concrete design drainpipes

The objects designed by the French artist Bertrand Jayr for Lyon stand out with humorous formal language. The objects are well known in their shape, but are characterized by a different function. A drainpipe becomes a freestanding vase – pipeline M-Steam vase, which, for example, lends an unfamiliar corner in the house new radiance.

Wall design with concrete design

Cement originally served for the production of robust flooring and building structures. In recent years, concrete has become more and more decorative and its properties have been further developed in this direction. However, it is perfect for object design, due to its simple casting method. The walls are made of concrete elements in the middle between practical use and visual effect. The cement tiles with honeycomb shape  Kaza Concrete , Italy developed in close cooperation with architects and designers to influence the viewer intuitive and meditative through simple 2D and 3D shapes.