Cottonwood County, Minnesota Weather

Cottonwood County is located in the southwestern area of Minnesota, along the Iowa border. The county seat is Windom, and the population of Cottonwood County as of 2020 is 11,073. According to, the county was established in 1857 and was named after Cottonwood Lake, which was likely named after the cottonwood trees that were once plentiful in the area. The county has many attractions for visitors to enjoy, including scenic lakes and rivers, historic sites, outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking and fishing, and a variety of unique shops and restaurants.

In terms of history, Cottonwood County has a rich past dating back to its establishment in 1857. Many settlers arrived in the area during this time period and they established towns such as Windom and Heron Lake. The railroad also came through during this time period which helped to bring more people into the area. During World War II, an Army Air Force Base was located near Windom which served as a training base for pilots before they were sent overseas to fight.

Today, there are several attractions that draw visitors from all over the state to Cottonwood County. These include scenic lakes such as Lake Shetek which is great for boating and fishing; historic sites such as Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site; outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking trails at Cedar Mountain; unique shops like Deans Country Market; and restaurants like J&J Cafe that serve up delicious local cuisine.

Cottonwood County is also home to some notable people including musician Tom Waits who grew up in Heron Lake; politician Al Quie who served three terms as governor from 1979-1991; artist Paul Granlund who taught at Gustavus Adolphus College for many years; athlete Nate Burleson who played football for many teams including the Detroit Lions; author Bernice Gera who wrote about her experiences breaking barriers in baseball; actor Jason Bateman who starred on Arrested Development; and singer/songwriter Mason Jennings who grew up in Cottonwood County before moving away to pursue his music career.

All together, Cottonwood County has something for everyone whether it’s outdoor recreation opportunities or unique shops or just enjoying its rich history. There’s something here for everyone so come visit today.

Climate and weather in Cottonwood County, Minnesota

According to, Cottonwood County, Minnesota is situated in the Midwest and features a humid continental climate. Summers in Cottonwood County are usually warm and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (mid-20s to mid-30s Celsius). Winters are cold with temperatures ranging from the low teens to high twenties Fahrenheit (low negative double digits to low single digits Celsius). Snowfall is common during the winter months with an average of 31 inches per year.

Spring in Cottonwood County usually brings mild weather with temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to upper 60s Fahrenheit (single digits to low 20s Celsius). In April, thunderstorms can occur, and there is a slight chance of snow.

Summer is hot and humid in Cottonwood County with temperatures reaching into the upper 80’s Fahrenheit (upper 20’s Celsius). Heat waves are not uncommon during this time of year. Thunderstorms can occur throughout summer months as well.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures as well as changing leaves which make for a beautiful landscape. Temperatures range from the mid 40’s to low 60’s Fahrenheit (single digits to low teens Celsius), and there is a chance of snowfall in October or November.

Cottonwood County has four distinct seasons that feature mild winters, hot summers, pleasant springs and colorful autumnal months. The weather can change quickly so it’s important for visitors and residents alike to keep an eye on local forecasts.

Transportation in Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Cottonwood County, Minnesota is served by several forms of transportation. The county has a network of roads and highways that provide access to the surrounding communities and cities. U.S. Highway 14 runs east-west through the county, connecting it to Minnesota cities like Redwood Falls, Mankato, and Rochester. Additionally, State Highway 71 runs north-south through the county, connecting it to Marshall, Worthington, and Windom.

The Cottonwood County Transit system provides public transportation services throughout the county with buses running on fixed routes in various towns and cities. The transit system also provides specialized services for seniors and people with disabilities as well as door-to-door service for those unable to use regular routes.

In addition to road transportation, Cottonwood County is served by two airports: Redwood Falls Municipal Airport (RWF) and Westbrook Municipal Airport (WWK). RWF offers private aircraft services while WWK offers commercial airline services through SkyWest Airlines which connects travelers to Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (MSP).

Cottonwood County also has several railroads that connect it to other parts of Minnesota and surrounding states like Iowa and South Dakota. The Union Pacific Railroad runs east-west through the county while Canadian Pacific Railway operates north-south routes along the Minnesota River Valley. Both railroads offer freight services as well as Amtrak passenger service which connects travelers to major cities like Chicago or Seattle/Portland via Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (MSP).

Cottonwood County is well connected with a wide variety of transportation options available for both residents and visitors alike. Whether traveling by car or plane or train, there are plenty of ways to get around Cottonwood County.

Cities and towns in Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Cottonwood County is located in southwestern Minnesota and is home to several cities and towns. The county seat is Windom, a small city with a population of about 5,000 people. The city has a vibrant downtown area with shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Windom also has several parks and trails for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. See major cities in Minnesota.

Just east of Windom lies the town of Jeffers, which is home to about 900 people. The small town is known for its peaceful atmosphere, natural beauty, and historic sites such as the Jeffers Petroglyphs which date back to the native Sioux people who inhabited this area before European settlers arrived.

Nearby Westbrook is a larger city with around 2,000 residents. The city features many attractions including the Cottonwood County Historical Society Museum which houses artifacts from the county’s past as well as an art gallery featuring local artists’ works in various mediums.

Further north lies the city of Storden which has a population of around 800 people. Storden offers many recreational opportunities such as fishing on Lake Shetek or camping at Cedar Hills State Park. The town also has some historical sites including an old train depot that was once part of the Union Pacific Railroad line that ran through Cottonwood County in the late 19th century.

West of Storden lies Lamberton which has a population of around 600 people. This small town offers visitors unique cultural experiences such as its annual Lamberton Days celebration held every summer in July or visiting its historic downtown area with shops and restaurants that have been serving locals since the 19th century.

Finally, there’s Walnut Grove located near Minnesota’s border with South Dakota with a population of around 500 people. This town is best known for being home to author Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote her famous Little House on the Prairie books while living here in Walnut Grove during her childhood years in the late 1800s/early 1900s America.

Cottonwood County offers visitors lots of opportunities to explore its cities and towns – each one offering something unique. Whether it’s visiting historical sites or enjoying nature activities – there’s something here for everyone.