Decoration Rental Apartment-Not To Spend

Of course, all I’m going to say here also serves to you who lives in rented house, but the apartments are more common these days and a lot of people renting. So the subject today is decoration rental apartment.

Live rent always that sadness in time to decorate, you don’t want to move too much, don’t want to spend, but want a House that is your man. To help you I will give some tips here, you will not need to do a lot of things and when you have to deliver your apartment will not need to spend a lot of returning everything for what it was. So let’s look at some simple tips that apply to multiple environments.

Tip 1–Contact paper: the contact paper is “Geek of all trades” he serves for everything and don’t spoil things, you can, for example, reupholster the wardrobe of your room with a contact paper and let him look again, there are many prints, many even and I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you. In addition to the Wardrobe the contact paper can be used on the wall, furniture, door and anywhere else you think needs a new face. Tip 2 -Silk Paper:Another really nice paper that won’t ruin your House and will only help in decorating, I’ve used silk paper on the wall, work so well and when I didn’t look like I had used something there, you just have to be careful not to wrinkle the paper and does not rip because he is very thin. I also used the silk paper in the kitchen closet, you know those cabinets have glass and keep the background without grace? I put at the bottom and ready, the closet has won another man. Check outhere .

Tip 3–hot glue: I use hot glue to everything here at home, said you need to paste something I’m with hot glue on hand. Of course, not everything needs to be pasted with hot glue or can be glued to her, but there are things that makes super right. The good hot glue is that it does not spoil the wall or any other place that you paste with her. Here at home it’s not rented, but I used hot glue on all frames of the room, the wall here is very hard and warp any type of nail, so that you don’t have to use drill I’m hot glue. The best is to not damage the wall,of course you can’t overdo the quantity and the paint from the wall must also be of good quality.

More Decoration Rental Apartment

There are many ways to make a decor without having to make many changes in the House, decoration rental apartment the less is always more, actually in any decor.In the living room, for example, if you use a sofa, put a nice carpet, curtain, rack with some decorative items, coffee table (only if space permitting) and put comics on the wall using hot glue to it will be with another man.

In the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other rooms is the same thing, you don’t have to overdo decoration and not make too many changes. My tip is to have many inspirations before beginningso you can’t miss it and will enjoy.According to,  you can enter the famous Pinterest and find the ideal decoration for your little corner, use the tips I gave to make the “decoration rental apartment”.

I hope you enjoyed the tips, now you have no excuse to have a house without decoration just because rentingand don’t want to spend when you change. Let’s stop being cheap too, because you’re going to take advantage of a beautiful House, with style and cozy.