# Desafiodecor2: Store Object of 1.99 Repaginado!

After the 1st. Decoration Challenge by ClubDecor,  now we have the 2nd. Challenge, which is to repaginate an object bought in those shops for $ 1.99 (which currently has nothing of $ 1.99, but it’s all cheap…).

Well, as far as craftsmanship is concerned, I’m more than willing to invent what to do! I went to a little shop here with no idea what I was looking for, but I came across this discreet (kkk!) And half-breed tablecloth, but I liked the “organic” format of the details on cancermatters:

So I decided to cover this “discreet” green and work with the surface, making it more interesting (I’m being a tough talking beast!): I stacked PapelGel (that was silly here at home) in it:

PapelGel is cool because it glues on the surface without needing glue and gets this very interesting granular aspect. I covered the entire outside area with the papelgel. Then I painted the bottom, and the inner area with plastic paint (use Colorgin Plasticos Branca, which I also had here at home) and I brushed some white acrylic paint on the already dry PapelGel, without covering totally to be half “lusco-fusco”. Looks like this:

Is not it looking more chic? Then I made an “arrangement” just to look better in the photo:

Better than that neon green “patch,” right?

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