Designing or Sewing Nicholas Boots – Ideas from Different Materials

Nicholas boots are an important part of the pre-Christmas period, especially on St. Nicholas Day. Full of anticipation, the children bring their boots out, put them by the fireplace or under the Christmas tree and look forward to the sweets they expect on the morning of St. Nicholas’s Day. Instead of using their own boots, you can also festive for your children tinker Nikolausstiefel.

They can be designed with only a small amount of material and are just as perfect for Christmas decorations. In this article you will find creative ideas of different materials to make yourself the Nikolausstiefel you also tinker with children can.

Santa Claus boots for Christmas – the tradition

According to the tradition, the children clean their boots on the evening of the 5th of December, then put them in front of the door and wait for Nicholas to fill the boots with sweets, fruit and nuts. Instead of their own boots, more and more handmade nude boots are being made and used for the custom. Sometimes Christmas stockings are used instead of boots and placed either by the fireplace or on the wall.

Festive Santa boots made of papier mache

A great Santa Claus boot for filling with sweets or small gifts can be made from paper mache. For this, a children’s rubber boot is used as a template and mint-coated with newspaper paper. As a shoe sole, you can cut out a piece of corrugated cardboard instead of the entire cardboard box made of cardboard.

Nikolausstiefel to fill basteln – guidance

Here you will find a complete guide for crafting the Nikolausstel. When the papermaking boot is finished and dry, it is painted with red acrylic paint and decorated with white polka dots. As a further decoration you can still attach some pine green and a few pine cones with the hot glue gun. Now the Santa Claus boots made of cardboard macké can be placed in front of the door or under the Christmas tree and filled with sweets.

Nikolaus boots are made from old rubber boots

You can craft festive Santa boots by spice up an old pair of childrens boots. For this you need white acrylic paint, glue and silk paper with pattern. So you can recycle the old boots of the children instead of throwing away and make a cool Christmas decoration yourself.

Nikolaus boots for filling and as decoration

The Nikolausstiefel from old rubber boots can be placed in front of the door and filled with sweets. In addition, they can also be used as Christmas decorations for the apartment. For this purpose, you can decorate the tiled Nicholas boots and place them next to the fireplace or under the Christmas tree.

Peel up boots and decorate as a Santa Claus boots

If you want to make a glittering Christmas decoration yourself, you can decorate the rubber boots with glitter instead of with silk paper. First wash the rubber boots well, then let them dry well and paint with red paint. Paint the boots with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Design the upper part of the boots with white fabric and the glitter Nikolausstiefel are ready.

Use cut patterns for fabric-made sneakers

You can also make Nikolaus boots from felt or another fabric with or without sewing. You can find a cut pattern on the Internet or make it yourself out of paper. Cut out two pieces of felt that are larger than your original. Then place the cut pattern on it and fasten with pins. Now you can cut the fabric after the cut pattern and remove the original.

Nicholas boots made of felt without sewing instructions

Whoever wants to sew the Nicholas boots instead of sewing can fasten the two parts of the fabric with the hot glue. After the drying time, return the inside to the outside and decorate the Nikolausboot with deco of your choice.

Create and decorate Nikolaus boots

You can also decorate festive fabric sneakers with children and decorate them as desired. You can create different designs with different patterns, such as polka dots, stripes and even names. Colorful appliqués with reindeer, snowflakes and other Christmas motifs you can sew or stick and the Nikolausstiefel spice up especially for the kids.

Sew simple sneaker boots

In recent years, many families have chosen to sew fabric-made sneakers and hang them over the fireplace. This tradition comes from America but already enjoys great popularity worldwide. The Santa Claus boots or Christmas stockings are also filled with sweets and gifts. If you want to sew these Nikolaus boots, you will find a sewing instructions at the end of the article.

Stitch the nappa and make a nice Christmas decoration

A colorful Christmas decoration gives your apartment a festive Christmas mood and prepares the whole family for the popular Christmas season. If you are sewing several Nicholas boots, you can make beautiful garlands as Christmas decorations. Instead of the classic red color, you can choose fabrics in different colors and with funny patterns and sew small and big Christmas stockings.

Nicholas boots are made of napkins

At Christmas, the whole family gather around the table to enjoy the Christmas dinner together. For this occasion the table is to be decorated appropriately, for example with small Christmas decorations and Christmas candles. Another great idea would be to fold and decorate the napkins, such as Santa Claus boots. Below you will find a video tutorial how to fold a napkin from Papierserviette.

Modern Nikolausstiefel tinker

The Christmas decoration is not always to be made in red, white and green. For a modern interior, you can craft or sew fashionable Santa Claus boots. Neutral colors such as beige, gray and white are perfect. Santa boots and stockings can be made from a jute bag and decorated with Christmas decorations made of wood.

Filling Nicholas Boots – Ideas

You have already made the Nikolausstiefel, but still wondering for a suitable filling to the Nikolaustag? The classic variation is to put sweets, such as chocolate, chocolates, wafers and wafers, in small and big. The chocolate-Nikolaus is by no means missing, because it is exactly for Nikolaustag thought. Winterobst, as well as different nuts fit also in the Nikolaus boots. As gifts for the Nikolausstiefel vouchers are best, but small accessories or something self-made are also in order.

Nicholas boots made of paper – instruction

If you want to make your kids’ Nikolaussiefel, you can also make this from paper. For this DIY project you need a piece of paper in square shape with a matching pattern, tape and of course sweets for filling the boots.

Fold and decorate Nikolaus boots

Follow the instructions provided and you will create a cute Santa Claus boot that fits perfectly to the day of St. Nicholas. To make the boot more personal, you can make names from paper and stick them to the top. Finally, the Santa Claus boots are filled and placed under the Christmas tree.