Dietrich, White Induction of Vanguard

Although avant-garde design the ultimate is not, even though it may appear so, in the white color the vitroceramic glass, not very common in the hobs that almost always we see in black, but which already markets some time along with the steel in this as in other brands.

The really interesting thing about this new induction hob Dietrich DTI705W are its technological advances. It has four independent sources that incorporate the “Boost” function that provide the maximum power instantly. Can be selected with the “Touch” controls up to 15 different levels that reach a total power of 7200W.

Incorporates also the function of programming “Start Control” and the “Memo” function, which allows you to record the cooking phases since turns the plate to play them later when we want to.

In this model of Dietrich has included up to 10 levels of Security total, among which stands out one that found me really interesting: a key of cleaning function lock to avoid that the plate turns unintentionally while it is being cleaned, rather than to me happens to me always with which you have.

I can imagine that it will be by force of habit, but although I consider very suitable white to match different types of tops I do not know if just me convince. Do you what you prefer?

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