DIY Decoration with Leather Straps – What You Can Design with the Accessory

Leather is a wonderful material that is not only suitable for the production of clothing, shoes and bags. Also in the form of decorations in the apartment makes the material very good. We would like to introduce you to some other interesting DIY ideas to use leather in the household. Use old or new leather straps to create useful brackets that can be used to decorate different areas of the house.

This DIY decoration you can make both genuine and leatherette. See how the leather straps can be used.

DIY decoration – holder for magazines

DIY projects can be so easy! With a not so long leather belt you can design such a holder for newspapers, magazines and brochures without much effort. For this, simply a leather cord is formed with a rope and nailed or screwed to the wall. The DIY decoration idea is great as a bedroom decoration, if you like to read in the evening before falling asleep.

DIY decoration for the wall

Not only as a DIY decoration in the bedroom, this idea is suitable, but everywhere you would like to read and read your book quickly. You can hang several loops together to store several magazines. With a shorter loop, you can also hang the magazine in the folded state.

Leather Straps Decoration Ideas – Simple Shelves

If you want to make a shelf as a decoration yourself, you will get a particularly fast and simple DIY decoration with leather straps. The leather straps as well as the magazine holders are attached to the wall. Just make sure that the straps are long enough to cover the board. Hooks are also suitable for hanging.

Decoration Ideas for self-making

Do you want to make these minimalistic DIY decoration ideas yourself? Just make concrete vases or pots or buy them and then wrap them with leather straps of any color. To ensure that they do not slip, both ends are fastened together by means of rivets. Place them in groups or singly.

Attractive mirror

You have to admit that this kind of mirror is particularly attractive. And you can even make this DIY decor yourself. Obtain a mirror, the frame of which you can also paint, after you have glued the mirror well. Then use a rivet to attach the leather strap to the mirror frame in an appropriate length. For this project, you can also marvelously reuse the straps of an old handbag.

Minimalist clock as decoration

Similarly, this attractive watch is also made. Get a watch and a wooden disk. The leather strap is attached to the sides with rivets. This DIY decoration is also suitable for a mirror. Instead of attaching a watch mechanism, simply stick a mirror onto the wooden surface.

Useful bathroom decoration

A DIY bathroom deco, which is also useful, you will get with loops of leather straps that you use as a towel holder. You get an industrial look, which also radiates rustic charm. For the DIY decoration, you can attach the leather straps just like the magazine holders on the wall. Tighten the belts in one of the joints to avoid damage to the tiles during drilling.

Towel holder with ring

You can also add a ring for this type of DIY decoration in the bathroom to enhance the look of the towel holder. Copper is currently a particularly trendy material, so you can use a copper ring. However, it is also suitable for any other type of metal, provided it is stainless. After all, it is a smoke room.

Accessory for the kitchen

A holder for the kitchen roll is a practical thing. If this is also mounted on the wall, you save valuable space on the worktop. You need two leather straps for this DIY decoration as well as a wooden stick that you put into the loops. This also makes replacing the kitchen roll very convenient.

Do it yourself ideas with leather straps

Wine lovers can also use a great DIY decor to enhance the cuisine. On a board are fixed song belts, which then serve to hold wine bottles. For each bottle they need two leather straps. You can simply set up the board as here or screw it directly onto a wall. A great alternative to the more complicated or expensive wine rack.

Living room decoration idea for plants

This DIY decoration for the living room will certainly please all plantfriends. Of course you can also implement this DIY decoration in other rooms. Flower boxes are attached with the help of leather straps like the shelves at the top of the wall and can be taken out of the holders for planting comfortably. Plant directly into the boxes or place flower pots inside.

Hanger for cutting boards

So that the cutting boards do not occupy unnecessary space in the kitchen cabinets, you can also hang them up. Since cutting boards usually already have a hole, this DIY decoration is made especially simple. Design again a small loop and use it as a hanger. Finished products are also offered as these boards by Relish Decor.

Leather straps instead of clothes hooks

In the hall, the leather straps can be used perfectly as clothes hooks. Scarves are simply put into the loop, while jackets or pockets are attached by means of a hanger. This DIY decoration looks attractive and takes up little space, making it perfect for tight corridors. If you do not want to drill many holes in the wall, you can also attach the leather straps to a board and simply attach it to the wall.

Smart door handles for cabinets

Real eye-catchers you get when you use leather in the kitchen instead of classic door handles. These can be used in different ways. In the above example, the DIY decoration imitates the typical shape of door handles. At first sight it does not even notice that it is leather. You can choose the size of the handles individually.

Handles in the form of loops

In this example, small loops serve as door handles. These were fastened with rivets to the cupboards and drawers. The DIY decoration is quick and easy and a lot cheaper than bought door handles. Again, you can choose any color for the leather and even customize the belts by burning patterns and motifs.

Make the key chain yourself

The idea with the branding is also suitable for key trailers, to give the simple design a personal touch. This is not only for your own key pendant a great DIY decoration idea but also if you want to use this as a gift. Use rivets or colored yarn to attach the tag to a key ring.

Alternative to the picture frame

Very original is also this DIY decoration idea, in which a bar is fastened to the ceiling by means of leather straps. You can then hang up any kind of thing, such as photos, sketches or notes. The idea is good for an office or work area, but can also be used as an alternative to the wardrobe for the bedroom.