DIY Geometric Mural to Expose Photos Creatively

Photos are always amazing to recall moments, people and places that have marked our lives. And these objects so special deserve to be exposed to an equally special, doesn’t it? For those who want to expose their memories in a way super creative, we bring you a tip that will certainly take even more charm to the decor of your room: a geometric photo mural that can take many forms.

Get to work!

Pencil and paper for draft
Hammer and nail
Mini clothes-peg or paper clip
Measuring tape

How to make

STEP 1: draw a sketch of how you want your wall is. Always work with straight lines, as in the image above. Note that each point where the lines intersect is where you have a nail.

STEP 2: With a tape measure, measure the space where your mural will be and make the ratio with metric all measures. The more attention to sizes, more like your drawing the mural will be.

STEP 3: Select, on the wall, all the points of nails and hammer them.

STEP 4: now the fun part: view your mural come to life. With the material you’ve chosen (either the string, rope or wire), work the lines around the nails. A good tip so that the result be with a good finish and tight is going increasingly polygon drawing. In the end, it’s just tie a knot tight.

STEP 5: Finally, just hold the most cherished photos with grampinhos, take a step back and be admiring your newest photo Panel.

You can also use this mural just to decorate, without the pictures. After all, this is the same technique used to create a string art (art with rope).

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