DIY Show, The Fair of The “Do It Yourself” Returns to Triumph in Madrid

This weekend went to Madrid, the DIY Show, the fair of the “do it yourself” most popular of Spain, in full Paseo del Arte Madrid, Palacio de Neptune, on a perfect, sunny Sunday to enjoy DIY. A pity the show of barbarity in the boulevards of Recoletos, who does not deserve further comment (or however not here)

Fair returned to Madrid with more strength than ever in a incredible deployment of three floors full of news, in the field of DIY, crafts, decorative painting, needlework, urban garden, decoration, restoration, recicladecoracion, etc., with special attention to the world of events, facing the celebrations that begin in spring

To start each and every one of the stands were made with recycled material. Boxes, pallets, fabrics, patchwork etc and ornaments based on newsprint with a result very vintage. I have seen in several places the trend of paper with old newspapers the furniture and pictures frames, saw him at DIY Show and also on the opening of the store of children’s fashion Bonnet a Pompon, decorated by the study of Lázaro Rosa – Violán, that already will have you Magenta.

The recicladecoracion, that we like in Decoesfera, taking advantage of solid Woods to make posters with prints and paintings, all the material necessary to turn to an object and convert it to another, saw them the Show DIY jobs. DIY, Arts & Crafts, needlework (all types of needles: Petit point, point of cruz, fat point, crochet, etc etc) A display of wool to make from huge bean bags and covers to the most delicate bobbin embroidery.

Also a hole for the lovers of the urban garden. Many developments in this field, as the Seedbox to grow at home, away from the large crop tables rigid and that whole terrace or balcony are eaten, they are small tables easy to put anywhere, another day we talk more deeply, so that you may know them.

We were also with Reset, that you intend the cultivation of mushrooms, over the coffee grounds. An idea that we had already seen in the United States and that has come to Spain so you can grow your own mushrooms sustainable (up to three crops per box).

And those who do not have site, nor time to urban gardening, you can sign up for Huertea, a company that takes care of “the dirty work of the garden”, you choose the vegetables and you can have all the information and pictures, and they are they responsible for your garden by ti and when it arrives and harvest, send you a basket with all your products.

But the part that has cared for over the decoration and detail, has been the pastry jobs and artisan catering. They put the tables of your ceremony and sure that your invited svuelvan to house with the spirit in peace and the grateful stomach, to sample a button, with vintage flavor stand us delighted the view with these sweet and this beautiful and romantic decoration, with all the furniture recycled or rescued from markets and containers.

One more time, DIY Show exhibitors did not disappoint and everyone came out with their purchases willing to spend the spring between recycled, paper, needle and thread (or wool), the fair of the “do it yourself” returns to triumph in Madrid.