DIY Show, The Triumph of The “Do Yourself”

This weekend has been celebrated in Madrid the fair of fans to the “do it yourself”, the DIY Show. A space of unmissable event for lovers of things handmade, well-built, curious, says North. Decoesfera could not miss an event full of creativity, inspiration and new techniques.

This is what we have seen in the 6th Edition of the DIY Show.

Hotel Silken Puerta America, 12, oo hours from Friday, November 20. The idea was to be the first to enter the fair and thus speak with exhibitors, craftsmen’s workshops and the creators of the event, Laura Dávila and Belen Diaz-Gittenberger. Thanks to Inés and Comunicación Adriana could talk a while with Laura and Bethlehem, but otherwise was impossible, since from first thing in the morning visitors to the fair expected to miss the news and the the fair bargains.

So I decided to, I became one fan more and spend a fear among the stands. This edition has been hosting more than one hundred of exhibitors divided by temeticas: crafts, work and sewing, gastronomy, moms and babies, DIY and decoration, DIY3.0 and wellness.

Has called us the attention that makes as powerful as Bezoya, Home Business School or the magazines Enfemenino and mine are, among others, sponsors of the event and bet on this trend, that, judging by the amount of people (again, a working Friday at 12.00) swarmed a stand to another, consulting, choosing and chatting with the exhibitors.

We have seen, not only professionals of shops and products, with its more of 150 workshops, live demonstrations and master classes, but bloggers and instagramers, jumping from screen to real life. Also artisans offering his works (are and some works of art and craft)

I recognize that it was intending to buy, both for my new hobby the Decoupage, precious papers of rice and napkins with printed original and vintage great price, as for my other recognized passion, chalk painting, one of the bargains of the fair was the Paint chalk.

It is a face paint, but that spreads much, so when I saw the offers I will not hesitate to take me several pots of dusty white and different colours to transform them and make my own shades, you will already see results in gifts Upcycling This Christmas.

Also interesting are the kits, the stencil or stencil templates different homes of products as the Styl Patch, which to be honest I didn’t buy, because already it had spent me whole, but for the next fair and safe that I do, because I am always wanting, but it is that you there’s so much where choose what to prioritize.

Recently I resumed the knitting, what we called pompously in the cole Pre-technological and our mothers and grandmothers, “assignments”, in fact the same nun who taught my mother, had to deal with the next generation, so I also took to bring me some wool for a hat and a scarf for my dwarves, that the cold is here.

Today am not going to apologize for the low quality of the pictures, ask them to be good would be a miracle, leaving me eyes behind each stand and each workshop…

In short, another edition of * DIY Show * leaves us a great taste of mouth, but eager already of the next edition.


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