Doors Open: 31 Sqm Loft-Style Apartment

You know that I occasionally like to dive in real estate portals Swedish because I am big fan of your design, the quality of the photos and let my imagination. Wow, that already I am walking with my cart between reindeer that I miss. Today I wanted to share with you a precious loft-style apartment that measures only 31 square meters but that does not lack detail.

We started the tour of the main space, which acts as of kitchen, dining room and lounge as for where you’re looking. The kitchen is divided into two parts in reality; just have the first above taking advantage of the highest part of the House. As you can see, they have had to make custom furniture to take advantage of the angle of the ceiling and in a very small corner advantage until the last centimeter with spaces for storage, the refrigerator to the left and the hood.

On the right we have one high dining table, which I do not quite convince as I think that the low tables are more comfortable, but however I can’t put him any hits to the chairs which are very pretty with black seat. In a corner which you can see on these lines have television that has been put on a Cabinet work, to measure, since the mansard roof does not allow to put a unit standard and television.

The gathering area It is configured by the sofa that you see on your back and low a table narrower than usual to take advantage of every corner. Observe how on one side have stored several poufs that will seat if more friends but they don’t take much since they are in a part with low ceiling that cannot be used for something else. If we open a little more flat, as you see in an image from the Gallery, you will see that just behind the sofa we have the bed, which is all in the same space.

As they have had to take advantage of the space, the sink is on a wall that is different from the rest of the kitchen. I find it difficult to move, since you have the dishes and kitchenware in a place different from the ingredients, but I understand that you seeing that she is next to the bathroom did not have another site with water in this space.

The area of the bedroom also has the essential in a very small space. The window on the bed is one of my most shameful dreams refers to as far as decoration, and that walk-in wardrobe It is a luxury in a House of 31 sqm.

Observe how the Bed textiles make game with the sofa, in neutral tones. Pads and the plants, put the note of color a stylish casual without stridency. That Yes, we don’t see a single picture on the walls, perhaps because being a loft-style space there is no place for great decoration to the walls.

The bathroom follows the pattern of the House using a millimeter. Furniture is flown and placed below other sloping roof, and at his side have one of these washing machines smaller than average. The shower, which are suspects in one of the pictures in the Gallery, is right next to the toilet and as you can see, there is no nothing more in this space.

In summary, it seems to me that the House is very well and I like the detail that the bed is not in the Middle, but half hidden in a sort of L which makes the House, since it anguish I have the bed in half of the living room. A detail to take into account is the amount of furniture as we see, the dormers are difficult areas of itself. In short, has convinced me this House of only 31 sqm.

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