Escape the Obvious in the Baby Room Decor

During pregnancy many mothers if excite with the idea of decorating the nursery fleeing the obvious. However, few manage to get out of the traditional Pink for girls and blue for boys in choosing parts and paint the walls.

Dark colors, such as Brown, red, blue and green, can be incorporated into the decor, as it guides the architect Lígia Bisconti has. “Any tom can be used, but we must be careful not to darken the environment and not leave you with the decor very seriously,” advises.

Even so, it is necessary to maintain balance and lightness in the room. So, if the mother choose to paint an entire wall of Navy Blue, for example, the rest of the environment should prioritize light colors and enter only with details in blue.

Another important tip is to avoid excesses. The hue of the wall can be combined with the furniture of the room, which generally have lighter colors and white.

The interior designer Adriana Fontana says that you can unlink the color issue with the sex of the child. “You can use pink, blue and beige mixing neutral colors such as yellow, green and orange with lighter shades of grape and violet,” he suggests.

According to wallstickercollection, prints in the baby room decor

For the architect Anderson Schmidt, there is a tendency of geometrization of the pictures, so that there is a little more neutrality in the environment. “Thus, the decoration can last longer before having to make a general change in the bedroom,” he explains.

Adriana recommends prints in the form of stripes, Plaid, star or lozenges, which bring something creative and pleasant environment.