Folk Style: Decoration Inspired by the Diversity of Cultures

You’re aware of different cultural expressions, connected to the diversity of lifestyles around the world? Like mixing references and try new combinations? So let the radar connected to incorporate colors, shapes and textures of different origins, seeking inspiration in the folk style.

Folk, in English, means “people”. The word is at the root of the term folklore – be it in music, handicraft, in clothing or in any manifestation of a particular group. When it comes to interior design, the folk covers decorative elements that originate or referring to the traditions of various cultures. If we apply this style in a bedroom, for example, the folk can win the prints of covers and pillows.


In the living room, carpets are always welcome, especially if they bring colors dialogue with furniture and objects in the environment. Nature can also be present, with voluminous plants, earthy tones and organic materials. And of course, it’s worth merging prints-maybe the main feature of this style-and use souvenirs to adorn the space with what you brought from other places.


And have you ever thought about giving a folk air for your home office? Wood, once again, appears with strength in furniture- subject that Bontempo dominates. The result is certainly an amazing customization that lets the work routine more enjoyable.


The great thing of this style are the infinite possibilities, because with the folk, add inspirations and references is the rule to express your own style. All about Bontempo.