Fortune Cookies Themselves Make of Paper, Fabric and Felt on New Year’s Eve

Think about how you decorate the festive table on New Year’s Eve and how you will surprise your loved ones this year? How about perhaps making fortune cookies yourself ? They will ensure a good mood and can also transmit positive messages. We have some ideas together for you, as you your New Year’s party that certain something and sometimes serve fortune cookies differently to the New Year’s Eve dinner or to give to family and friends.

Fortune cookies themselves make from paper

Depending on taste and festive table decoration, you can choose the colors of your self-made lucky biscuits made of paper. Take, for example, a sheet of gold-shimmering craft paper and cut circles of about 9 cm in diameter. Fold the circle slightly in the middle. Open the circle and turn the opposite sides backwards so they can easily overlap.

 Making fortune biscuits by themselves – simply in red and gold

Then tighten the upper and lower sides of the circle with one hand. Put some glue in the middle, briefly press and finish your fortune cookie. Now you can also put the piece of paper with the slogan and thus provide for an exciting and humorous evening, or even for a thoughtful and poetic start into the new year.

Making fortune cookies themselves – black and white motto

Do you want to celebrate the beginning of the year with a black and white mottoparty? This color combination has a simple and noble look and is a timeless trend. You can easily make your own lucky biscuits from black and white paper, in which you can easily find matching gift paper with the desired patterns, such as stars, flowers, white paper with zigzag lines or what your heart desires. The table decoration, balloons, napkins, puff-paper blends of silk paper or honeycomb balls can also keep the motto in black and white and welcome the New Year with a good mood.

In gold and silver make fortune cookies

Gold and silver are colors with a festive effect and can be used also in the Silvesternacht. They are ideal for a glittering party decoration and reinforce the festive mood. Fortune biscuits in gold-silver with star design, for example, appear elegant and give the whole decoration a noble touch.

New Year’s Eve party with lots of glitter

If you want to organize a New Year’s Eve party with lots of glitter, you can customize your outfit, your accessories, the table decoration and the fortune cookies. Sometimes the simplest decorative elements are the best. Sprinkle golden confetti on your New Year’s table, choose matching napkins and place the sparkling lucky biscuits on it. A paste of sugar, powdered sugar and water, into which you dive the biscuits, will bring you to shine. A real sight!

Lucky biscuits made from embossed paper itself

If you want to conjure up a chic ambience on New Year’s Eve, you can easily do it with red-gold-white fortune cookies made from embossed paper. Of course it is up to you with which materials and in what color you make your fortune biscuits. Everything that is done with enthusiasm looks great and will make your New Year’s Eve memorable.

Paper lucky biscuits with New Year motives

For the selection of craft paper you can draw inspiration from the numerous New Year’s Eve motifs. Crafting paper with a watch, for example, which shows the remaining minutes until the new year is a great idea for your homemade fortune cookies. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply color the small ones with small asterisks.

Colorful lucky biscuits made of felt themselves

If you want to create individual guest gifts, lucky biscuits made of felt are a great way to cheer up your friends with good wishes and funny sayings for the New Year. There are no limits to your imagination. You can also fill the fortune cookies with vouchers, small gifts or an invitation. You can also add a rubellos to the fortune cookie.

Instructions for the fortune cookies themselves made from felt

Making fortune cookies themselves from felt is quite easy. You have to fold the folded circle of felt in the middle once and sew together the middle circle. Then roll both outer sides to the seam and the cute fortune cookies made of felt are finished turning.

With fortune cookie show affection

If you want to enjoy the Silvesternacht quite relaxed and without a big hustle and bustle for two, then you can give your loved one a fortune cookie of felt as a small sign of your affection with a beautifully packaged gift.

Lucky biscuits made from fabric itself

As a material for your lucky biscuits, you can also select any fabric or use leftover fabric remnants and sew this cute mite itself. The way in which fortune cookies are made is the same as with the others, but for more stability you have to use two layers of fabric and maybe sew along the circle with the sewing machine or simply take a thicker fabric.

Choose fabric patterns and messages that are tailored to the wishes and longings of your loved ones and you will surely be amazed.

Lucky biscuit box for giving away

If you wish to convey congratulations for the coming New Year, you can pack your self-made fortune cookies nicely in a colored package or cardboard box and give it away. A take-away box will look funny and somehow reopen the theme of the Chinese fortune cookies.

Lucky biscuits bake themselves – recipe

For those of you who want to serve your guests the classic edible fortune biscuits, we offer the following recipe:

– 3 egg whites
– 60g sifted icing sugar
– 45 g melted butter
– 60 g flour

Making fortune cookies yourself is easy

Whip the egg whites lightly, then add the butter and the powdered sugar. Stir flour carefully until you get a smooth dough. Using a knife, spread the dough onto baking paper circles (diameter approx. 8 cm) and bake for 5 minutes at 180 ° C. Until the biscuits are still warm, place your message of happiness on it and turn the biscuit into a semicircle. With the typical shape, fold the biscuit over a glass or bowl edge. Always bake only 2-3 biscuits at a time as they become fragile when chilled. Then let the self-baked fortune cookies cool down and taste good in the Silvesternacht.