Garfield County, Montana Weather

Garfield County, Montana is located in the north-central part of the state. It borders Canada to the north and is bordered by Hill, Blaine, and Phillips counties to the east, west, and south respectively. The county seat is Jordan, Montana.

The population of Garfield County was estimated at 1,876 in 2020. This population has remained relatively stable over the past few decades due to a steady influx of young people seeking employment opportunities in nearby oil fields.

According to, Garfield County was established in 1883 and named after President James Garfield who had been assassinated earlier that year. Within its borders are several Native American reservations including Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

The area offers numerous attractions for visitors including camping sites at Arrow Creek Reservoir State Park or Fishtail Reservoir State Park for fishing enthusiasts or for those wishing to explore nature trails; a golf course at Jordan Country Club; hunting opportunities on public land managed by Bureau of Land Management; or a visit to local art galleries like the Gildersleeve Gallery featuring works from local artists.

Famous people from Garfield County include actor/producer Gary Busey who was born in Goose Creek (now part of Garfield County) and singer/songwriter Robin Lee who grew up in Jordan and attended college there before embarking on a successful music career. Other notable natives include former NFL quarterback Brian Griese, former NBA player Wilbert “Willie” Burton, and pro rodeo cowgirl Charmayne James who won three world titles in barrel racing during her career as well as numerous other awards.

Climate and weather in Garfield County, Montana

According to, Garfield County, Montana has a semi-arid climate with cold winters and warm summers. The average temperature in July is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) and the average temperature in January is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius). The area receives an average of 11 inches (27.9 cm) of precipitation each year, mostly in the form of snow during the winter months.

The area experiences frequent winds due to its location on the Great Plains. These winds can reach up to 30 mph (48 km/hr) at times and can create dust storms during dry spells. Severe thunderstorms are also common during summer months bringing lightning, hail, and strong winds.

Due to its high elevation, Garfield County experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. During winter months temperatures can dip below 0°F (-18°C) while summer days can reach into the 90s (32°C). Nighttime temperatures can also vary drastically from day to day as lows may drop into the 20s (-6°C).

Despite its arid climate, Garfield County has some beautiful seasons such as spring when wildflowers bloom across fields and hillsides; summer when sunny days are perfect for outdoor activities; fall when leaves change colors and provide stunning vistas; and winter when snow blankets the landscape making it a great place for skiing or snowmobiling.

Transportation in Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana is served by a network of roads and highways, providing access to the county’s main cities and towns. The main highways that serve the county include US Highway 191, US Highway 87, and Montana State Highway 200. These roads provide access to nearby cities such as Billings and Miles City, as well as other surrounding counties.

Within Garfield County there are several smaller roads that connect the county’s many rural communities. These roads are mostly unpaved but are still maintained by the county to ensure safe travel for residents and visitors alike.

Public transportation in Garfield County is limited to a few bus routes operated by local transit authorities. These buses provide service between the major cities in the county as well as connecting with regional transit systems in neighboring counties.

For those who prefer to travel by air, there is an airport located just outside of Jordan that provides regular flights to major cities throughout Montana and Wyoming. There are also several smaller airstrips located throughout the county for private aircraft use.

Finally, Amtrak provides rail service between Jordan and Billings with stops at several other towns along the way such as Wibaux, Gilt Edge, and Ingomar. For those traveling longer distances within Montana or into neighboring states, Amtrak provides an easy way to get around without having to worry about driving long distances or dealing with traffic congestion on the highways.

Cities and towns in Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana is home to a variety of cities and towns. The largest city in the county is Jordan, which serves as the county seat. Jordan is a small but vibrant city with an historic downtown area and plenty of amenities for residents and visitors alike. See major cities in Montana.

Other cities in Garfield County include Brady, Gilt Edge, Ingomar, Melstone, Mosby, and Wibaux. All of these cities are small but still provide basic services such as schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and other amenities needed for daily life.

In addition to these cities, there are also numerous smaller towns located throughout Garfield County. These towns range from tiny hamlets with just a few dozen residents to larger communities such as Custer or Winnett with populations in the hundreds.

Finally, there are many rural areas that make up the majority of Garfield County’s land area. These areas are mostly agricultural in nature with vast expanses of wheat fields and grazing land for cattle and sheep. Despite their rural nature these areas still provide some basic services such as medical care at local clinics or post offices in the larger towns.