Great Basement Ideas and Tricks with the Hot Glue Gun for All Living Situations

The heat gun is a versatile tool for home use in many areas such as decorating, crafting and even home improvement. With the hot glue can not only different materials stick simple and durable, but also cool tinker decoration. In this article you will find some great craft ideas , and a few clever tricks for the apartment with the hot glue gun.

Great Bastelideen with the hot glue gun – What is needed?

As a rule, the hot-melt glue gun is used for bonding different materials. However, you can also create any motifs yourself and apply them as decoration for different occasions. For this purpose, you simply need baking paper, a hot glue with glue sticks and if desired glitter for decorating and submission with the desired motif.

Great Bastelideen for Christmas – make snowflakes by yourself

A great idea for the Christmas decoration are the homemade snowflakes. They can be drawn on a baking paper with the hot-glue gun and are easily peeled off after a certain drying time. The lines should be drawn thick, so that the snowflakes hold together well. While drying, you can decorate them with glitter as desired. The finished snowflakes are perfect as window decoration or for gift wraps for Christmas.

Make hair-making with the heat-gun itself

By the above method different figures can be tinkered with the hot glue. They can then be glued to hair clips or hair clips and become a great, handmade hair ornament. The figures made of glue can be colored with nail varnish and adapted to any outfit.

Smart trick with hot glue – make the carpet non-slip

The hot glue is suitable not only for great craft ideas, but also helps in everyday life. In rooms with a smooth floor covering, for example, carpets and mats are not fixed, but slide on the floor. With the hot glue gun you can make the carpet a little more slip resistant. You should draw on the back a few thick lines, let it dry well and the problem is solved.

Tricks with the hot glue gun for the children’s slippers

Not only the carpet, but also the children’s slippers need a slip-resistant base to protect the children against one slip. With the hot glue you can make the sole of the children’s shoes slip-resistant by drawing points, lines or even the child’s name. This allows your children to run and play safely at home with anti-slip slippers.

The spiked jeans with lace spice up

If you want to make your torn jeans more elegant, you can achieve a beautiful effect with a white lace. They should first reverse the jeans and find a fitting piece of lace. Then stick it with the hot glue gun on the hole, press with finger protection and let it dry. So you can also spice up other garments quite simply and chic.

A useful trick for the hangers

Another cool trick with the hot glue is the manufacture of slip resistant hangers that would keep your clothes going. For this DIY project you only need simple clothes hangers and the glue stick with glue sticks. This method is perfect for plastic and wood hangers.

Hang the pennant chain and keep the wall clean

With a hot glue gun, you can hang decoration on the wall without making a hole in it or damaging it in any other way. Simply glue small strips of painter’s crep onto the wall and attach the decoration with the hot glue directly onto the strips. However, this method is only suitable for light-weight decoration such as pennant chains or garlands.

Great Bastelideen with hot glue – DIY colorful beads

If you like to craft pearls, you can simply make them yourself, instead of buying them. For this purpose, a suitable non-stick surface, such as baking paper or a silicone mat, is required. The beads are then made directly on the surface with the hot adhesive and allowed to dry. Then they are carefully peeled off and the underside is painted with acrylic paints or nail varnish as desired.

Great Bastelideen mit Hotsticker – Jewelery

With the popular hot glue gun you can even make elegant jewelry yourself or spice it up. The small decoration elements are firmly glued to chains, earrings and hair bands with the help of the hot glue and create creative and individual jewelery for girls and women.

Cake tarts self made

If you want to decorate a cake or cupcake with a homemade decoration, the hot-melt gun comes back to help. Funny lettering, numbers and figures are great basement ideas for the decoration of the cake you can make at home.

Great Bastelideen – Decorate the flower vase with hot glue

From an old, round glass container you can make an elegant flower vase by decorating it with the hot glue. When the adhesive is dry, you can paint the container in any color and the vase is ready.

Decoration ideas with hot glue gun

The hot glue gun can also be used for decoration of various surfaces. Easter eggs, wood, bottles, flower vases and many others can be decorated with a unique design. So you can make personal gifts or the decoration for your home creatively.

Great basement ideas for the smartphone

Would you like to have a unique case for the smartphone, but can not find a suitable design? With some colorful buttons in different sizes and the hot glue you can spice up a monochrome mobile phone cover a special design by yourself.

Mobile phone cover itself with the hot glue gun

Another idea would be to make the cover for the smartphone with the heat glue gun itself. The self-made envelopes of adhesive are usually shock-resistant, but they are not a good idea in the long term because they might melt in hot weather, for example.

Great Bastelideen for the old beach hat

With a hot glue gun, you can stick together materials such as paper, leather, textiles, wood, plastic and many others. It can therefore be used perfectly to spice up garments or shoes. Now we show you how to beautify an old beach hat quite quickly and simply.

The beach hat spice up

You can use looping, lace, pompons or any other material to spice up. In our example the beach hat is decorated with mini pompons. You should put the hat with the hat brim up and the lower edges with hot glue. Then stick the tape with pompons over it and allow to dry well.

Great Bastelideen for Halloween

If you are in the Halloween preparation, then we have something here for you. With the hot glue gun, you can make a “bleeding” necklace and the corresponding earrings yourself. Create the desired shape with the hot glue, paint with red spray paint and you have a great addition to the creepy Halloween look.