Guide Shelves and Bookcases: Tips, Materials and Inspirations

Being functional and decorative, shelves and bookcases can and should be used in any environment. In addition to great allies of the organization, they also help to customize the decoration of spaces, housing books, photos, home appliances and even art objects.

Check out the tips to choose the best type of rack or shelf for your space and be inspired.


Use shelves to store spices, pots and even appliances. As food and dishes are heavier, it is important to invest in a more enhanced shelf, especially with French hand, a triangular structure that serves as the basis and fix the shelf to the wall.

Colorful shelves give a more entertaining air and help to make the decor of the kitchen.


In the bathrooms, the most appropriate is to invest in a little more narrow shelves, due to the small size of the space. Glass is quite delicate, making the environment more clean and serves as a support for perfumes, scented candles, make-ups and small hygiene items, leaving the sink or bench free.

The shelves are also important in the bathrooms. They can serve to store towels, toilet paper and other personal items. Wood are traditional, elegant and tough, just choose the right type and follow the care and maintenance treatment.


In the rooms, the shelves are interesting to be placed photos to collections of objects. Bet on different models that reflect your personality and there is enough room for you to bring all that you like and is important to you.

As for the shelves, prefer the more partitions, so you can save separate books, records, boxes and even toys in the case of children’s bedrooms.

Give preference to the shelves or bookcases made of wood that can support heavier items without yielding or breaking.

Living room

The living room is the environment with more possibilities of use for the shelves and bookcases. Books, art objects, photos, old vases and porcelain can be a part of the decoration, at the same time without the environmental pollution. Shelves that go to the ceiling are indicated to give the room abundant print. It is also important to choose a stronger material, like wood, due to the weight of objects.

Niches and irregular spaces also could make the environment most outstanding, which will be a pleasure to receive family and friends in space. However, the niches are usually made of MDF, so you must be careful with the weight of objects so that no accidents happen.

Do it yourself

If you prefer to customize your own shelf, the suggestion is to invest in pallets and wooden crates. Apart from they are cheap and easily available, there is a multitude of combinations and different uses to turn them into a bookcase or shelf. Learn in other articles and get inspired with  decorating ideas with pallets, crates and reels .