Happy Maker Of The Week The New DIY Writing Corner

I’m a lucky man today, the favorite man at home has built is a new writing corner me (after I had found the above pine boards from the hardware store with Super-girlfriend Betty in the sweat of my brow – so much is quickly betrayed at this point something out to relieve the pressure). “doing, what happened to the old, big, colorful work corner?”, you now might ask you. She had to go. To never see again. So that makes everything that much more (space) sense and somehow I’m in the mode of Feng Shui teaching, obviously also not a fan of too much distance and doors in the back.

Perhaps I stand so still very down somewhere on the evolutionary ladder – type cave girl or something. It must be at least Muckelig. “But this is up there but a Hispter corner!” – I know what you are thinking (acne bag as paper trash can??). And jaja. There is also still quite much paraphernalia for the personal touch. A flower for example. Or an image.

My very first families calendar links on the wall depends on, by the way. Now yes finally someone has dates and I can remember virtually nothing more in the head.

Family Planner by Anny who

things that are already on the table and things still missing:

tape block of HAY
scissors from House doctor
memo pad of HAY
Transaprente box by Modulor
lamp from luxo – lookalike here.
Pencil Cup by Bloomingville
mobile by Kasper Kjeldgaard
lamb fur from IKEA
notebook from Moleskine