Holidays in Greece

Is it worth vacationing in Greece?

According to, many tourists and tourism professionals are very fond of Greece, but it cannot be said that there are only advantages in resting there – this country also has some disadvantages.


  • Very interesting sights;
  • Pleasant beach holiday;
  • Proximity to the European part of the country – Thailand, for example, cannot boast of this;
  • Closer culture to Russia;
  • Rest turns out to be quite budgetary;
  • It is good to have a rest with children;
  • There are opportunities for shopping, including buying a fur coat;
  • Very tasty cuisine.


  • In the high season, popular resorts have a huge number of tourists;
  • The beach season is not so long, it will not work to rush “from winter to summer”;
  • Greece is located in a seismically active zone, so if you are afraid of earthquakes, you should not go there;
  • There is a language barrier, many Greeks do not even speak English, and there are often no signs in this language;
  • Some are not satisfied with the level of service in hotels, as well as the fact that they rarely have an all-inclusive system;
  • Prices may be higher than on some budget destinations.

IMPORTANT: In general, we can say that Greece is a great place for a varied holiday in the summer. Especially lovers of ancient culture will like it here. And if you are not interested in a beach holiday, then a trip to the country at the end of autumn would be an excellent option, when the weather is still good and there are few tourists.

Greece transport

The transport infrastructure of Greece is extremely developed, so buses and trains, as well as planes and ships can easily take you anywhere in this unforgettable country. The rules for using vehicles in Greece are similar to the rules of the CIS countries.

You can buy a ticket for a trip on public transport at periptores (local kiosks) or in transport using terminals. There are no bus ticket sales in Athens.

There is a metro only in Athens. The surface metro line in the capital of Greece (from the local area of Thissio to the city of Piraeus) is one of the first European metro lines. It has been operating since 1869 (for comparison, the London Underground has been operating since 1863). Currently, the metro in Athens is equipped with 3 directions (lines), one of which is ground. Single and multiple tickets are sold at the subway ticket offices and periptores.

Transport in Greece is quite convenient and affordable, but many tourists prefer to rent a car for easy travel to places of interest. The rent will depend on the class of the chosen car, the season and the level of tourists visiting the country. The driver must have an international driver’s license, be aged 25-70 and have a driving experience of 3 years or more, a credit card is recommended (optional). Private car rental companies have more relaxed requirements. Remember: the terms of the insurance policy must cover the costs of the third party and the possible theft or theft of the car.

Currency in Greece

Greece is part of the European Union, so the official currency here is the euro. One euro is equal to 100 cents (or eurocents, as many people call them). Before exchanging money in Greece for other currencies, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the current state of affairs.

Reviews about holidays in Greece

For the most part, reviews of holidays in Greece are very positive. There are almost no completely negative reviews on review sites. This is mainly due to the fact that more experienced tourists usually go to Greece, or those who know exactly what they want to get from their vacation. In Greece, it is good to relax alone, with family and with children. The beaches, streets and hotels are clean, although some note that there is some neglect outside the tourist routes. Almost everyone likes the local nature and sights.

Among the shortcomings, people mainly note the very scorching sun, the visa regime, high prices for souvenirs and some frivolous attitude of the Greeks to life. In general, these shortcomings are insignificant, so almost everyone who has been there really likes holidays in Greece.

Frequently asked questions about holidays in Greece


When is the best time to go to Greece?


If you want to swim, then from April to the end of October, depending on the resort. If you are interested in excursions, then it is better to come in November, when it is already not hot, and there are much fewer tourists. And from mid-December to February, skiing is available on Olympus.


Can you drink tap water in Greece?


Better not to – buy bottled water in stores.


With what currency to go to Greece?


It is best with the euro, since it is unprofitable to exchange dollars here. You can take a bank card – there are many ATMs everywhere.


How comfortable is driving in Greece?


Quite comfortable, the roads are good, and the drivers are polite and comply with traffic rules. This is due to the fact that the fines for violations are simply huge, so be careful yourself.


Where is the best place to buy fur coats in Greece?


In Kastoria, Paralia Katerini, Athens, Thessaloniki. It is possible at other resorts, but they are less suited for shopping. It will be most convenient to purchase a shopping tour.

Holidays in Greece