Home Luminous Messages From Bxxlghts

I have birthday soon, end of March namely, and because one child as an adult at least at home for ever, my parents in a well-known manner now ask my wishlist – you know me just too good, the two foxes, and know that without regular Nervereihen on your part at all no one wish over would flutter. Fine, I think. The other side sees things differently. “Yes what should be, what you really like to do like.” you probably know that.

Really really like I would actually have a bright message of only 24 years young designer Daniela to park. The blonde self-made lighting expert from Copenhagen founded her company “BXXLGHT” just one and a half years ago and comes with same for quite some time wildly through the ceiling.

Surprise’s, the illuminating boxes are finally not only pure light objects, but also art. The idea originated to do this by the way, out of pure frustration. “Three years ago, I what are looking for the perfect lightning in my home and couldn’t find anything affordable. I’ve always loved retro designs and old signs, so I went out to find one for myself. The hunt for the perfect model of what endless, and they’re insanely expensive too. In late 2011 I visited New York for inspirational trip and came back to Sweden with my own concept buzzing in the back of my head.” (the full interview is here). And so was from a PR employee a self-employed persons now has other ideas. Once all, please: here goes shop!