Home We May Introduce? -The Interior Label “Hem”

If you like scandinavian design, the mag also hem – so all platt said. And who has no desire so pure even on hay and their ilk, which may to just missed the following lines. We appreciate clean pieces of furniture, cuddly accessories extremely a new batch (yes, with the bird, and apples to get us easy) and storage solutions, which look not only beautiful, but also very according to his wishes may be. Of cos the scandinavian furniture manufacturer gets so neatly competition – and we have absolutely nothing against it.

On the weekend of the very first opened its doors showroom hem with integrated shop at the long-forgotten end of friedrichstrabe and we we went of course equal times. The friend is a long fan, shaking at regular intervals hem arguments from sleeves and we latest are the weekend also. On the obligatory wishlist is since then: the cork apple, the cork chair produced by tapiovaara and the wardrobe to be arranged individually. The scissors shelf was already ordered and may be coming soon in the kitchen wide. 

There you go: the current collection look book – and journelles are of furthermore a little head to head with designers.

One or other will now turn up their noses and rightly claim: instant times the furniture belong to one nordic!

Not entirely, because hem one nordic recently took under his wing and may manufacturing and clean design (hem) so today combined with craftsmanship and detail-love design.

Pretty little things and furniture found on the berlin store: cork cork cork <3.