Homes That They Inspire: Living in a Historic Building in Tel Aviv

The reform of an old floor is never easy to — who told me to my — but if done with delicacy as in this beautiful apartment in a historic building in Tel Aviv, the results can be truly spectacular, and completely worthy of our homes that inspire.

It must be recognized that Pitsou kedem, operating officer, the architect in charge of the project, had the difficult task to transform into living space an old apartment located in a building with several centuries old. He was in his favor with the beauty of the arches, vaults and natural stone as well as beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea; against it, that it was necessary to recover space after many years of different applications and addons that had impaired the original.

The idea of the project was combining the old with the new, the qualities of both maintaining and creating new spaces that join them and intensify them, thanks to the voltage which produces the contrast between two styles so different and so separated in time.

History is expressed through the preservation of textures and materials, while modernity appears in the reinterpretation of the spaces and applications, opting for a free and fluent, plant with unmistakably modern, such as steel, glass and concrete materials.

The one hundred square meters available to the apartment are distributed in a large living room – kitchen, which occupies the entire width of the House, a bathroom and a bedroom. At one end of the main space, facing a lovely balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, we find the lounge area, superbly headed by a large pointed arch which is which gives access to the balcony.

On the darker side of this space, in a sea of columns organized space, we find the kitchen, quietly leaning against one of the walls, and also the dining area, in which he outlines a simple wooden table white surrounded by the always elegant chairs Eames marriage, in its version of grid (Wired Eames Chair).

The more private area, containing the bathroom and the bedroom, We access after passing through a white sliding door located under an arch of half point. A narrow corridor leads to the room, but the first thing we see of her is a transparent shower in the middle of space as background from the perspective of the Hall.

Once in the room, we realize that it is of a pretty accurate representation of what has always been described as paradise. Three large windows fill light stay at the same time giving us a charming view of the sea that does not tire me look. If outside, you can access a delicate terrace where an ethereal glass handrail is the only thing that separates us from melt us with the landscape.

The choice of materials and colours neutral, such as concrete, wood and white textiles, will help to highlight what is really important in this room: the magnificent views. Windows black to help frame in landscape, at the time that visually define the space, creating some privacy in a room that would be excessively open and little cozy otherwise.

I don’t want or know what it must cost an apartment at such location, or I’m going to appreciate that one hundred square metres there is who takes over one room, because I want to stay with the beauty of the images of this beautiful apartment in a historic building in Tel Aviv, well integrated that is ancient and modern and, of course, with that vision of the Mediterranean.