How to Maintain Furniture In Nonwood And Polyrattan

Nonwood and polyrattan looks like wood and bamboo, but they are hardy and robust art materials, designed for all kind of Northern European weather. Compared to wood and bamboo furniture has a number of clear advantages. They are resistant against moisture and mold, which gives a longer shelf life. And then they get no cracks and cracks due to drying out.


Furniture in nonwood and polyrattan requires a minimum of maintenance. The only thing you need to do is to keep them free of dirt by regular wiping with water and SOAP.

IMPORTANT: Glass products can act as a burning glass, if left directly on nonwood-surfaces in bright sunlight. It can give permanent marks in the material. Therefore, we recommend that you always use coasters.


Although your nonwood-and polyrattan, in principle, can bear to stand out in all kinds of weather, we recommend, however, that they are dry or covered in the winter period.

Tips for overdrafts

Choose a cover that is slightly larger than your furniture, in order to prevent condensation. All our covers have ventilation holes and drawstring closure, which ensures that the coating does not blow away, if they covered furniture stands out.