How to Make Panoramic Photos of Your Rooms. Video Screencast

I guess that all we ever happened. You want to make a picture of a room that you like or that have decorated to teach it to people and What comes out of the camera is not anything close to what your eyes see. It is commonplace, the human eye has a field of view far superior to most of the objectives of the cameras, even if it’s a wide-angle.

For this reason, the best way to show a room or a space in a reliable way is to make a panoramic photo many photographs in sequence. Something that seems complicated at first, but that is really easy, since most of the work can make it a program such as Photoshop photo editing.

In the video I explain step by step How to make panoramic photos of your rooms with Photoshop, from how take photographs to small touch-ups to get a photo that represents the feeling that you have to be in that room.