IKEA Withdraws The Chair for Babies Gulliver

The multinational Swedish IKEA It has withdrawn from the market a Chair high for babies model Gulliver, sold in several European countries, among them Spain, between January and February 2008.

The Swedish company has detected that the bar of harness that prevents the child from slipping can release after mounting, “human error” that affects one of the chairs produced by IKEA.. The affected seats are those carrying on its underside registered between the 0801 and the 0808 numbers and which belong to the supplier 13.755.

The division of the company in Spain, where 549 chairs have been sold, reported that no accident has occurred and that the problem has been detected by the store. IKEA claims to have “implemented the necessary measures to ensure the” Security”and it will launch on March 10 a chair with the corrected problem.

If you have this model, you only have to go to return it to your nearest store, where you will receive in return the new model.