Indian Tipi Tent for the Children’s Own Building – Creative Ideas and Tips

Would you like to set up the children’s creative and full of atmosphere, you can cozy fashion cozy corner and for an Indian Tipi tent build itself. There the kids can play, read or even take a nap. In this article you will find many playful ideas for a tipi game tent, as well as practical instructions for self-construction.

The Indian Tipi tent – history

The Indian Tipi originally came from America and was used by the Indians as a family home. It was usually built of buffalo skins and a stable scaffolding of several wooden poles. The tipis were also very fast to build up, so they were perfect for the Indians, who were always on the hunt for buffaloes. Now you can build small tipi tents in the children’s room or in the garden, to make the children a cozy play corner.

The children’s room with Indian Tipi tent set up

If you have a vacancy in the children’s room, you can think about a tipi tent. It does not take so much space and is very popular with the children. The play tent stimulates the imagination of the children and is perfect for many different games and small adventures.

Tipi play tent for children’s room

The tipi tent should be matched with the size of your children. If they are toddlers up to 3 years, you can build a smaller play tent. For larger children, higher tipis are more suitable, especially if the children also invite friends to play.

Tipi build your own tent – materials

If you want to build an Indian tent for your children, you need 4-6 wooden poles, the length of which depends on the desired height of the tent. Usually this is about two meters. Furthermore, rope, a drill and fabric are required for the tent canvas.

Indian Tipi on a carpet floor

If you want to build Tipis at home, you should think about a suitable underbody. If you have a carpet floor as flooring, then the play tent can be built directly on it. For floors with parquet, laminate or tiles, you should consider a suitable carpet under the tent.

Tipi play tent build with wooden sticks

Once you have collected all the necessary materials, you can begin the construction of the tipi tent. In our first guide, round wooden poles are used. Take one of the wooden poles, measure 12 centimeters from the top to the bottom and drill a hole with the drill. Then pull the rope through the hole and make a tight knot.

Instruction – Indian Tipi for the children’s room

Now you should place the poles so that they form a kind of pyramid to get an idea of ​​the design. You can place the front two poles away from each other to leave room for an entrance. Consequently, you should drill holes in the other poles, where they meet with the first. Then pull the rope and wrap it around the bars. You can tie the construction with a second rope to make it even tighter.

Fix the tarpaulin to the wooden rods

For example, you can use blankets or large jute bags as a tent. When the wooden framework is finished, the ceiling is hung from the top downwards. They can be attached to the wooden poles with screws.

Make the finished tipi tent cozy

The construction of the Indian Tipi tent should take 3-4 hours. When the construction is finished, you can think about a suitable setting for the game tent. Cuddly blankets and pillows are almost always there, and other options are plush toys, popular toys or children’s books.

Make a sew sewing kit

If you can handle the sewing machine well, you can sew a playful tent canvas made of different fabrics especially for the tipi tent. It is best to choose a color and a pattern that fits well in the children’s room.

Tipi tent for children build themselves from square wooden rods

You can also build the tipi tent from square wooden rods. The length and the number are the same as for the construction with round wooden poles. However, no holes are drilled in the bars but are simply bound with binding yarn.

Bind wooden sticks and secure them well

You can first tie the individual sticks together in pairs and then tie them together again. In order to create a robust construction while at the same time hiding the ugly binding yarn, you can also tie the wooden sticks together with a piece of fabric.

Indian Tipi tent making itself without sewing

To make a tipi tent with a playful design, you should not necessarily sew the tent canvas. From different fabrics, you can create the play tent creatively by attaching the individual pieces to the wooden framework with zippers. Wrap the entire construction with fabric, leaving one side free as an entrance.

Tipi play tent decorate

With matching colors of fabrics you can design the children tent for girls as well as for boys. You can also make beautiful decor for the interior with the kids, such as pompons made of paper or pennants.

Use the handkerchief to attach the ceiling to the scaffold

A simple way of attaching the homemade canvas to the wooden framework is the use of a handkerchief. This means that almost all fabrics can be quickly and easily attached to the wooden poles.

Children’s play tent made of simple materials

If you do not want to buy cloth or damage the blankets with holes, you can design the tarpaulin from bedlakes. They can then be attached to the wooden rods with clothes clips and can be lifted from the scaffold at any time.

Indian tipi with transparent tent tent for the children’s room

If you want to build a tipi tent for the children’s room but do not want to lose the child from the eyes, you should use a transparent fabric for the tent. Possible variants are, for example, lace, tulle and chiffon.

Tipi tent with lights to decorate

The play corner in the children’s room should be comfortable and inviting to linger. A great design idea for the Indian Tipi in this room is to make a decoration with string lights. Children like colorful lights both during the day and in the evening and would like to play in a lit tipi tent.

Tipi tent for children’s room made of bamboo

A small tipi tents can also be made out of some bamboo sticks according to the same procedure. This allows you to make the tent a bit narrower and taller, and to set up a small spot in the nursery. In addition, you can take the tipi game tent out into the garden in summer and offer the little ones an outdoor play.