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The world needs more girl-power, since we all agree. A bit more cohesion, rather than sense-free Konkurrenzgehabe and also a healthy self-confidence is a thousand times healthier than all this personal packs that dangle somewhere on us and are filled with complexes. Are three that look very similar to this, Katharina Charpian, Lisa van Houtem and Anna Walker mountain. Together, the hamburgers have filed during the last few months on their dream of professional independence – is her since yesterday, let’s say baby – because so much lifeblood in it is – online: FEMTASTICS. We clap now so three times in the hands, are really proud and send lots of love over the Hanseatic City.

Before a few weeks Katha, Lisa and Anna asked me also to the interview, along with coffee and flowers surprise and I say unto you, I can invisible forever more. Photographer Janna was engaged in the snap of a small home story in my attic during which death and I still a mystery how she did it, their camera to my roommates, the dreaded dust mice, to juggle. Before now, anyone asks: Yes, a small spark privacy I true nevertheless. A few cosy corners, the nursery and the kitchen remain my secret. Somewhere there must be so messy, otherwise you will still nuts:

To the complete interview it’s going along.

Of Femtastics:

“Femtastics is the new digital magazine for girl power! Behind it are we, Lisa van Houtem, Katharina Charpian and Anna Walker, three journalists from Hamburg. We portray inspiring women, by the lawyer about the Greenpeace activist and blogger, from Hamburg to London. In self-produced multimedia home – and Workstories with in-depth interviews, we introduce their different lifestyles. Always in the team on location, always in direct exchange with our protagonists. Our short talks are our Short Stories, here we talk over coffee or store opening with interesting personalities about visions, current phenomena, or personal favorites. The Femtastics World Journal completes our rubric – in changing theme weeks we devote ourselves to the topics of fashion, beauty and living, give travel tips or write about current social topics. Femtastics provides zeitgeist and a new community for women”

Thank you for the visit, her missiles!