Jacobsen: Chairs and Patios. a Promising Conference

I don’t often recommend conferences. In fact, neither used to assist them during the race–something that now I regret – so to slightly amend my mistakes of the past, I invite you to that asistais to Jacobsen: chairs and patios. A promising Conference, No doubt.

Promising not only for the title, that should be enough, but also because of the illustration that accompanies it, which consists a floor of courtyards starting from the mythical image of Christine Keeler sitting on one of the chairs from the 7 series Jacobsen (though curiously, a replica of the time).

The Conference Felix Solaguren-Beascoa teaches it, Architect and author, among other books, of one – or rather the – monograph on the own Arne Jacobsen. So that we are not in a converted Conference class on the Danish architect, but that we receive information from a real scholar on the subject.

Jacobsen: chairs and patios

28 February-12.30 h Aula magna, Escuela T├ęcnica Superior de architecture de Valencia Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia (Camino de Vera s/n)